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The main use case of Bitcoin Cash is cash, money. This WILL be a major thing in the years to come, with war on physical cash, economic restrictions, surveillance (KYC), etc. Do not stray from this goal.
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Just be yourself😊 Be like what you want to be
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Testing unconfirmed chained tx delimiting in Memo

Good day
btcfork is now on as well.
Good evening everybody, I am teaching another free zoom class in about 30 minutes. Today we are exploring Electron Cash. You can find the zoom URL on under classes
Another dog enters the race lol
Crypto going dog crazy, SHIB launched on 3 exchanges today!
Feliz dia das mães ❣️
years ago, i was an atheist for probably years. not my cup of tea now.
atheism is a theology in certain ways. and a faith.
dr. szasz was an atheist and in my view extremely righteous and ethical.
i see god as....
i see God as a principle. Almost like a law of physics. sort of like the idea of karma.
perhaps everything that is love and good is god.
consciousness of the righteous is the mind of God.
all minds are....
There are perhaps illusions here on Earth that will be dispelled when enough humans become "miracle minded"...
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I approve this message
Some of us are asking that all nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion be outlawed.
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It's just a beard.
A little bit of sanity has been restored on the crypto markets.

#BitcoinCash #Monero
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Yesterday, there were
153987 txs on BCH chain, 306036 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=50.3%
1309466-1308610=856 memo txs, 📈29.7% (compared w/ prev 660), account for 0.6% of all BCH txs
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My beard
Shave 8 votes · 43,333 satoshis
Don't shave 9 votes · 7,000 satoshis
Trim 5 votes · 10,000 satoshis


Bitcoin Cash 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Update: Double Spend Proofs (Knuth)

33.93 / 48.00 BCH
3 days to go
Now distributing ¢12 tips because of the price increase!
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I am following you!
Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates seem greedy.