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What kind of diet do you tend to stick to?
Food pyramid 1 votes · 0 satoshis
Vegan 3 votes · 0 satoshis
Vegetarian 3 votes · 0 satoshis
Paleo 3 votes · 11,000 satoshis
Keto 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Carnivore 2 votes · 547 satoshis
I eat whatever the fuck I want 12 votes · 6,812 satoshis


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What's your involvement with Bitcoin Cash Meetups?
I have attended or attend BCH Meetup's regularly 4 votes (4 unique) · 0 satoshis
I have thought about attending a BCH Meetup 4 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
I have not yet attended a BCH Meetup 3 votes (3 unique) · 0 satoshis
I'm going to create a BCH Meetup in my city right now! 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis


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Rizun gets it. So does the cryptokidd
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Don't forget to share #dailymemo on twitter to help bring some Bitcoin Cash folk back to participate onchain
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Lightning Network (LN) user walks into a bank, says "I need a loan."
Banker asks "What for?"
LN user says "To receive my paycheque."
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Bitcoin Cash Meetups have taken the world by storm! There are over 100 global BCH meetup locations 🌎✌🏻

Join a Bitcoin Cash meetup or start your own meetup in your neighbourhood!
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Earth Fund BCH:
Bitcoin BCH is changing the world, bringing financial freedom to everyone.
Jihan Wu
Memo could be a game changing product in the year of 2018
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