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Famous girl 😂😂

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Who wrote the longest two word sentence? The person with the highest votes will receive the prize money of 500,000 Satoshis
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Mr. Swift 1 votes · 10,000 satoshis
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Do you think #BCH will hit $1000 this coming JUNE?
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Finally i have sari sari store. I am so happy 😍😍

Thank you sir Uther

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Robin Hood: Men In Tights
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My favorite thing is when i met friends here on memo.,☺️
Merry Christmas Crypto Friends ☺️☺️
I keep having the same awesome idea, and then I forget what it was lol..
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Thank you so much my friend🤗😇 God bless
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Hope you notice my diy xmas tree🤗😇

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Do you think all Authentic actions should be welcomed too the blockchain?
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it will appear if someone like or reply to my post
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I keep holding on to your statement earlier that you will find money to help my stuggling Family. Hope you still remember see it in my post.
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Hi Uther please notice me dont forget us please. This isnthe time i really need help. Please were very buzy cleaning house today so i cant keep updated here hope i will get what i need
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Hoping you still remember my struggling Family here.
replied 938d
Okay,, I will find some money for you guys
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replied 938d
Anything in kind tonight Sir i will appreciate it, just enough for our food money tomorrow, we still didn't recieve any food stuff from our Local Government right now.