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50% chance CSW is a fraud who is trying to make a quick buck with a permissioned block-chain with Calvin 50% chance he worked with Dave Kleiman, Hal Finney in the Satoshi team.
if u mind me asking, are you the same guy from /r with the 10k BCH party in NYC lol. any reason u picked BSV over BCH?
posted · 1 day ago
In return for forking SV , C+C get tax write off and reduced charges.
Five eyes get centralised development protocol, through patent protected insertion points can monitor all transactions in bsv network. Good deal?
posted · 1 day ago
Hmm CSW on the run for tax from the ATO.
Calvin Ayre having his gambling empire bank accounts in Liechtenstein, Switzerland constantly shut down by the IRS.
Now they are pro government with SV. Working with 5 eyes?
Dave kleiman is Satoshi. Csw is just an early miner who tried to use his tulip trust to get loans to pay off his failed business ventures. And now he’s faking his way with ‘metanet
Rented is the huge spike beyond normal p-ability; dedicated is when its > profitable to mine btc and sell for fiat then buy the coin u want, but u still mine the less p-able coin anywy
eth oligarchy (russia) bsv capitalist republic (rome) bch crony capitalism (china) btc the old world (rothschild)

do you follow Signal (Dedicated) Hash or Fiat (Mercenary) Hash?
I put 1 + 1 together. Decentralization.
cool story bro
btc permissioned pos settlement network
bch crony capitalism eth look alike
bsv apolitical capitalism muncher
hmm... ok now I don't know what's going on. will investigate further.
wrong hash did imgur compress my file? rCwEJTs.png (image/png) - 1935 bytes SHA-256 97b03622e519f7da782fd112efa4fa35668d74f4ea8d7c6bb2daad67a672c9d7
a9711e1b1bcbae7d177be96692463206f847a42080a49792fa0f04ecb8b46b5a [sha 256/h of test image]-> - and check sha256 hash w above
I am exploring Bitcoin SV. I am for Bitcoin the idea, not Bitcoin the ticker symbol. Don't really know what it is, but I think it is a system of incentives. We need big blocks, and we need no messing around w protocol
My guess is hard cash is valued higher in bear market - SV is more similar to hard cash. Whilst market is discounting ABC for checkpoint, CTOR, DSV, and Avalanche. Experimental/unprovn
Wow.. been watching some videos. Now I don't know which is better. Am I an idiot for thinking SV might be better? Are 10 block checkpoints really that bad? What if you reorg SV? SV ok w that?
Then check your transactions out over at,24h