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ephemeral Sunsets in the island of the Gods
I’m a base protocol maximalist- layer 2 is another abstraction like mortgage backed securities. And we all know the ending to that story, the house of cards.. scale on layer 1 baby. It’s the right way!
I like this one - selfish gene by dawkins - i am in the first chapter. makes you rethink about individuals relations to species, and our actions
I am a utility maximalist and a mrpoobutt maximalist
On-chain maximalist vs off-chain maximalist :O
What's upppp!
Honestly BCH blows my mind; how did somebody bootstrap a global currency and payments system from his basement computer? The power of bitcoin as a transactional cash currency is the biggest thing to me since Google.

How to pay for lunch with Bitcoin Cash!

How to pay for lunch with Bitcoin Cash!

BCH to the Moon
What's up everybody!
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waterborn ping 198 ms dl 5mbs ul 1.35 korean pump incoming - 100 mil of volume on upbit
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People are saying Avalanche is PoS actually it’s Proof of Reputation. When the mining node makes correct blocks it’s reputation increases..
50% chance CSW is a fraud who is trying to make a quick buck with a permissioned block-chain with Calvin 50% chance he worked with Dave Kleiman, Hal Finney in the Satoshi team.
In return for forking SV , C+C get tax write off and reduced charges.
Five eyes get centralised development protocol, through patent protected insertion points can monitor all transactions in bsv network. Good deal?
Hmm CSW on the run for tax from the ATO.
Calvin Ayre having his gambling empire bank accounts in Liechtenstein, Switzerland constantly shut down by the IRS.
Now they are pro government with SV. Working with 5 eyes?