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Creator of the Marco Coino brick-and-mortar BCH merchant directory for iPhone, Android and web.


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There's a great company there called Elipay. You have to use their app to spend at the merchant, but you can use BCH to pay.
What does a much longer message look like I wonder? Well I suppose there is an easy way to find out, all I need to do is create a longer message like this one and see what happens to it when it is encoded.
Trying this again.
This is seriously lacking the the "no ABC CTOR" options. I would much rather have Gavin's CTOR.
There are better ideas than ABC's CTOR for scaling. This poll is like saying, do we add SegWit now or later? How about "never"?
An interview with Roger Ver after the meeting about the next hard fork.
Here’s one for the stress test.
I'm looking at
Kenyan Restaurant Betty's Place Added to Marco Coino
The point is that it separates BCH from Bitcoin, but the whole point of BCH is that it IS Bitcoin.
If you have a Mac, you need to try the Tyke scratchpad at It is so simple, and so wonderful.
This is really cool, a chain of Bitcoin Cash transactions in seconds.
Yeah, "Discussion Groups" is a good thing to call it.
Should be easy enough with the public/private key pairs we have
Private messages.
Reverse the ordering of these messages, put the new ones at the top.
You are in a section call Memo Suggestions, or were you thinking something higher-level?
Perhaps rename topics to "groups" or "Topic Groups" or something. Then have a "Create Topic" or "Create Post" button.
They are only grey in Firefox. The graphs look normal in Safari and Chrome.
Did you know about the Temo topic?
I visited this morning and the graphs were dark grey. That's dark and depressing. I liked the lighter ones.
Great idea. Be the change you want to see.