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Awesome work!
This is a 7 option poll that is clearly very biased in favor of CTOR
Andrew Stone just released an article today criticizing CTOR and why Graphene will work just fine and likely better without CTOR.
I hope you enjoyed them! I have a lot more countries but I am out of time. 🤷‍♀️ Now go read a Fucking book
You can walk on water ?????? WTF !!!!!! lol
go on and donate at least a dollar (heart icon on top right corner of page).
FUCK ... CORE ... and ... FUCK ... BLOCKSTREAM !!!!!
Sorry for the downtime. Traffic on memo increased 10x starting at 8am. Not sure if it was organic or not but it fits a similar pattern that was seen yesterday. Turning on CloudFlare DDOS protection brought site back.
I mean one person can pend a fixed amount of unconfirmed. If we want more unconfirmed, we need more people to participate in this stress test.
Will it be possible for the stress test to broadcast enough transactions to fill up the mempool past 32mb?
i said similar thing on reddit, and my karma goes to -1. bye reddit/r/btc.
Hi @txBlaster3, I just sent your tx's (run id: R1027), bye!
All visualizers are broken. Good job! :P
is everyone still alive? I heard big blocks would destroy bitcoin, but my funds are still safe and spendable
Yeh I think CSW is at that point where he just wants to compete. No more foreplay.
Mempool over 40 meg an hour ago. Nearly empty now. The system works. Temporary use spike backlogs clear quickly when there is enough space.
Calling it a night. Keep up the good work, people!
Txhighway was Stress Tested and Upgraded. Thanks S..
Stress test conclusion: Miners need to change soft cap on block size before we think of CTO and GB blocks
Stress Test In Action!!