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Most people who die from covid are old and not in the workforce.
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Photoshop nature lol
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Way over your head...
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Not to mention that your handouts turned memo into a fucking shithole for newcomers and potentially valuable that south park episode I linked recently.
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It is. They need to learn to provide for themselves as it's not sustainable that you or others pay things for them.
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btw, even if they are legit poor people, giving them money is the worst thing that you could do.
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Not at all, I just muted the fucking scammers that prey on your stupidity. I don't care what country they are from.
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Another false assumption...I could be called many things but racist.
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I heard he tried to choke himself while masturbating, but didn’t die.
130d · Crypto Wall of Shame
Hernzzzz - BTC Toxic Reddit Troll
207d · Crypto Wall of Shame
derykmakgill, spineless media whore who plays devils advocate for BSV while being a BCHer. Double Agent or controlled opposition?
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162 days ago...time flies
149d · Crypto Wall of Shame
Saifedean Ammous (SafeSpace Dean), BTC Shill moron who wrote the Bitcoin Standard, promotes Blockstream Bullshit and is a self proclaimed carnivore.
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the phone # is mandatory I'm afraid. :(

do you have a reddit account? then I won't need to get a virtual # :)
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That requires a phone #.

How about the reddit chat feature?
White men are people too
1d · COVID-19
Oh my, SILENTSAM supporting the official narrative. Who would have seen that coming.
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Good god, when you put your mind to something, you go all in.

This is almost worthy of a pastebin upload.
I think I have muted most of Uther's beggar scammers.

Check out my mute list if you want to get rid off them efficiently.
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White men are people too
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If computers would be communists, none of them would work.
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"The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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