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Idea: Set time limit for polls. Could configurable and would allow to set a poll/bet to guess a game result without being able to vote after it has started.
replied · 2h
By default, TOR disables scripts and whatnot so most sites do not work well on it if you don't allow these manually.
replied · 4h
Majority of the people, even in the BCH community cares only about getting rich. This is why BTC is still #1 on the shitcoinmarket.
replied · 4h
I think merge mining won't float this boat and we should concentrate on breaking free rather than tying ourselves more to the BTC scheme. SHA256 voted already and their vote is BTC.
replied · 4h
The stupidity runs so fucking deep, it's lucky I already lost all hope in humanity when BSCore successfully hijacked BTC using retarded narratives and censorship.
replied · 4h
Yesterday, Kain_niaK said that It's stupid to change it because Roger and a chinese dude will always defend BCH.
replied · 4h
While they downvote you to oblivion....(where did I see that????)
replied · 4h
Some goes as far as completely denying any of the risks posed by the low relative hashrate.
replied · 4h
The consensus of the retarded pleb is that you are a Core/TPTB minion out to destroy BCH if you even talk about an algo change.
replied · 4h
Tried it on an number of occasions. Sadly the BCH community is very misinformed and clueless when it comes to this topic.
Adam Green Interview - The Dual Loyalty "Trope" & Why Every American Should Be Talking About It
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You can only recover if the person transfers it back (if it even has an owner that noticed it).
They can use VPN and pay with crypto.
Actually, many countries restrict gambling. Some go as far as actively blocking the sites and mandating payment processors to block too.
and blockchain based social media ;)
darknet, gambling, donations.
I need this too. I'm drowning in shit-tokens. :)
Can someone point me to the SLP token burn address.
What the fuck is this shit?

this. Also, monero proved that no one will give a shit about the "old-miner" branch if everyone else upgrades.
The danger level starts from 25%, which is enough to disrupt the network. 50% and more is an emergency situation.
It's the same with any hard fork upgrade.
The irrelevant amount of SHA256 hash would just move back to BTC.
Indeed. To do a successful algo change majority of the non-mining players and users have to upgrade including the exchanges.
...that a single semi-wealthy person could attack it if he/she wanted to. Now ponder the groups that are vocally anti-BCH....