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Most talking heads and gatekeepers in #BitcoinCash support the misguided protocol tax proposition (ironically, most of them belong to the sphere of influence).

#BitcoinCash is being neutered.
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are in favour of Dev funding proposal?
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"You must insult the infidels on the internet" is not a part of the bible
The level of irony on memo is mind blowing today.... 😂

replied 17h
You are trying to equate a mining software's optional and adjustable fee to its devs to a protocol level, mandatory tax....and you're thinking that I'm the idiot....unbelievable.
replied 17h
That wasn't very christian of you... 🤓
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I don't accept this explanation from
replied 18h
Bullshit. If you don't pay the toll, your blocks are orphaned. That is definitely a threat that exists.
replied 18h
I hope the majority decide to reject this stuff that doesn't belong to bitcoin
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"Imagine not accepting God."

replied 19h
Perhaps my sarcasm was too obtuse.
replied 19h
Since when were compulsory "donations" not considered statist in ideology?
replied 19h
XMRig is just a mining software. Thanks a lot for showcasing how dumb you are.
replied 19h
It's not about "my wishes". BCH will suffer if insanity like this will be added on a protocol level. Only idiots can't see this.
replied 19h
The coins I know don't have such people. Learn about monero as an example.
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I noticed that you keep introducing your homoerotic desires to our online interactions..I'm not gay, but it's ok if you are. You should accept your feelings instead of projecting them.
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Unusual Uther
Blockstream and Tether: they know, deep down, that the movement has been usurped. I'd hoped bitcoin cash would avoid a similar fate. 6 months from now, time will tell.
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Thanks for your input, my mentally challenged friend.
replied 20h
At the end people were applauding BSCore for saving the protocol from the "attack" lol...
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This is partly what caused the failure of BTC. People got so emotionally attached (reinforced by huge pumps) that they started to deny reality instead of facing problems head on.
21h · bitcoin cash
This is a proper way of protocol funding:

no protocol tax BS
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Irrelevant, just as you are. 😉
Here's a sensible approach to funding protocol development:

No protocol tax is needed.

#BitcoinCash #Monero
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If you live in a country where the government gives it to people who do a good job, let me know where you live.
I know of two results of where it ends up
- lowest bidder
- cousin/frens