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· 13h
People who got into crypto after Q42013 have no idea how an organic crypto market and price discovery looks like.

#WillyBot #USDT
replied · 13h
....but then again the only reason crypto became the farce it is currently (basically a pyramid scheme), because the pleb is not ready for this development.
replied · 13h
A coin must rise with massive utility driven demand. We may need a major fiat currency collapse for that (USD, EUR, RUB, YEN, CNY) or worsening international politics...
replied · 13h
They surely defend it as it were theirs.
· 13h
Blockstream funders are the ones behind usdt scam
To save their funded project, to keep the miners there
If they didnt pump btc with usdt the miners would have left for the more profitable coin which wouldve been BCH.
replied · 13h
Worth as much as the resources they have between their imaginary lines.
· 14h
Is there a need for 420 tokens?
replied · 14h
I doubt that it's worse than the others. Personally I use XMR for my DNM needs, not many coin can claim this utility. (this is why it would be crucial to get DNMs on the BCH bandwagon)
replied · 14h
And it won't change unless the USDT scheme collapses...

· 14h
You are dumb AF if you believe that the markets of your chosen shitcoin are not manipulated by the operators of the USDT scheme.

The whole crypto market is a farce currently.
replied · 14h
Every coin has a completely fake market. There is no exception.
replied · 15h
Look into XMR too. BCH, ETH and XMR have proper fundamentals only.
replied · 15h
Not surprised I must say... Didn't the bible teach you to never invest more in crypto speculation than you are prepared to lose?
replied · 15h
besides eth, all of these are scam/shitcoins.
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replied · 17h
get your CBD oil / gummies for pain relief/ sleeping at night at, flight tickets
replied · 18h
I see. nice move bro (Y)
replied · 19h
No way! That bitcore propaganda is what inspired me to purchase the domain and promote Bitcoin Cash though =)
· 18h
Please save your 500 sat tips for me
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Kingsley Ndaguba
· 22h
Finally have a payment system that works. Peer to peer and censorship resistant money. Long live BCH &👍👍👍
· 1d
"All functions of money are secondary to its ability to function as a medium of exchange [...] The reason most individuals continue to use fiat as a SoV and not gold - despite the latter’s better performance in this
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replied · 20h
I recommended a book too.
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