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If they try to call it Bitcoin there's going to be hell to pay. What a fiasco.

Do we think Roger will say that he thinks the Bitcoin white paper doesn't work? What of Bitcoin.com?
https://www.tradingview.com/x/oUumLOwT Looks good to me, I'm long.
https://www.tradingview.com/x/RqUQmCZE These patterns are handy because you can see that before breaking that high at 557 we need to go below 518. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few more swings before the big pump.
Gavin's trolling skills are beyond epic.
Take a break until all the fork buisiness is over. It's the crypto equivalent to a political election. I'm hoping for very few forks after this so we can squabble over other stuff 😂
ABC kind of backed themselves into a corner with the whole "CSW is out to destroy BCH" narrative. It means that any BTC miner that wants to destroy BCH will be encouraged to mine SV.
Bingo! "Gain control" is a phrase used to frighten and(ironically) control you. The only way C&C win after gaining majority hashrate is by making Bitcoin amazingly good money.
Totally this. The game theory and balancing of incentives/rewards/difficulty was all worked out by Satoshi in 2008. One more fork to uncap the blocksize and tweak the opcodes then done
Hopefully after they "gain control" they'll encourage healthy competition between pools. With a real bull market and increasing institutional adoption mining will get very competitive
Dear Bitcoin miners, if your node is crashing because you can't download and process a 32 mb block, you should join a freaking pool until you can afford a new machine. Or, quit mining!
A message all the idiot communists, Antifa, and people who pine for ZE REVOLUCION from four actual working class lads from Liverpool - https://open.spotify.com/track/7sfE6KbRUzH2VBOeDGUsie
it look like a bull flag to me https://www.tradingview.com/x/jxnF0wvI
Do you know somewhere I can go long on salt?
They remixed the White Album(re-mix meaning using modern equipment to process the multi track recording)

It sounds flipping FABULOUS. If you're a Beatles fan this is the coolest thing since Let It Be Naked
If they change the PoW algo and then try to claim(with a cadre of exchanges) that it's "the real BCH" and the living SV fork is not, I guess I won't be surprised.
Very cool! Thanks a lot. I'm currently (real) phonless so I think can't get on telegram? That's going to change soon. Nice to meet you too, see you around.

And just like that.... Aumary concedes defeat???
Thanks! I'm by no means an expert, I'm just trying to war-game a bit. Go right ahead, send me a link if you post something!
Actually, before even looking I know that it'll go the same way as the BCH price in general. Break outs will happen at $544 and $568 since they'll be millions in stop loss orders there
Can we also appreciate the fact that it says "GREAT WALL ACTIVATION"!?!?

What the living hell?
Wow, not bueno. Hard pass.

Any miner that sees this will pass too. Ironic that Roger is putting his weight behind perpetual war.
I'll take a look!
I've heard this too. You got a source?
It's about 5 million to pop 50 million of shorts. You could easily make a few million bucks by squeezing right now. The longer you wait the better tho. Waste as many sellers as you can
The problem is, in capitalism *failure* is very important. You need to constantly get the lead out or the whole thing gets bloated with dead weight. This is what ABC devs do not get.