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Chicago native in Tokyo. Technocracy, eugenics and transhumanism are satanic systems to turn you into a domesticated animal that's easy to slaughter. THX 1138

Jesus is Lord. Deal with it.



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Yeah, I'd pay for memos from VE
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ABC - Another blockstream company.

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Ok no more tips. I'm out.
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You know it's all over when you hear rumours that not only has Jihan Wu been demoted, but also Donald J. Trump has just telephoned Craig S. Wright to congratulate him and ask him "how did you win so bigly, any tips?"
Nov10 (pre) stress test report has been released

thanks to BrendanLee
R/BCH is a cesspool of shit posts right now. Impossible to engage in any meaningful discussion.
Good Morning and greeting from Tibet. The roof of the world. May the happiness and joyous spread all arounds you.
Ben Swann to launch 24hr news streaming platform in response to widespread #censorship - Content permanently recorded on the blockchain, creators & users rewarded with cryptocurrency
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I support feeding the trolls on
Eric this is free speech.
Hey, I’m new to memo and happy to use BCH
Date for next test is SEVENTEENTH November, apologies for confusion.
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Stress test date has been moved to 27Nov 12:00UTC game is 24million transactions in 24hrs site is still being constructed
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Silver also works well as a deterrent against vampires. Strong buy recommendation from me as well.
We need to migrate over to memo and yours from r\btc and make the trolls/ABC shills put their money where their mouth is - pay for your rudeness and madness on the BCH blockchain and at least contribute SOMETHING
Just noticed the language option box has a American flag next to English. Outrageous, I'm going to need a cup of tea and a pen to write a very polite but angry letter.
When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.

When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.

Thomas Sowell
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Maybe this website would be the best to keep watching.
*PSA* stresstestBCH2.0 will be happening sooooooon :) Bigger, better, faster than September... that'll look like a tiny blip.
Please help me guys.. I was unable to pay my university fee due to some incident in my family. I have to pay $450 for this year. I apologize to disturb this community but i am needy. Got this platform after long serch
Hello, we are exploring social media platforms that don't participate in censorship. This account is managed by staff. Please contact us for more information.

CraigSWright has been saying the same thing over and over
for years.
#Bitcoin is a near complete graph,
it's not a mesh network.