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Not a bad idea haha but I think I'll let them enjoy my dumb thoughts and musings.

Shout out to the future people!
I would take ignore user and ignore topic options over downvote 🤷‍♂️
Let’s just do 11/1 stress test. Let’s start spreading the word.
But then again, Tone Vays is pure parody by himself :)
posted · 9 days ago
Just realized that Memo is no different from BCH. It's meant to be used. The more we use it, the more it will grow. Kudos to those who built it and those who helped keep it alive.
I have begun to like it quite much. Good people here and interesting conversations.
THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776!
I guess we have made a good decision? haha
Then CNN at least knows how to scale unlike Blockstream.
Not enough drama and publicity. We need Alex Jones to join :)
Hey! I made it here from Reddit :) thanks for inspiring me to make the switch!
This is my first post on memo.cash! I’m super excited to be here BCHs! So happy to have a place to go where I am not being stalked by Reddit Core Trolls lol :D
I'm from r/btc and I just joined today, how's it going?
You're a moron.
If everyone on Memo.Cash tipped this post, I wonder if I'd be able to reach a whole Bitcoin.
Just made a new SLP token, antimatter5 Token (A5T).
Follow me, like this post and comment to receive a FREE 1000 A5T!
I have been reading a lot of btc fan boys posts, some really idiotic some more articulated. I found that basically the real issue is that btc people don't mind FIAT. They are ok with it. They don't need Bitcoin.
Only 4395 satohis left: I have to refill :D
If you want crypto to be a successes what is so important to be part of btc or eos or whatever group? You want to be part to the project that can be the world cash. That means you gotta join BCH now and accelerate it.
Great job on the stress test to all who participated! Now, either get to work or get lost! Giant opportunity to fix holes and identify problems! Let the beatings begin...
"95k Transactions in one block!!!!"

Hello Visa
Hello Mastercard
Hello Amazon
Hello Alibaba

there's a new way to pay
#TheNewMoney is