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Over the past 8 hours 6 million bucks of shorts were bought on Bitfinex. Half have already realized what a bad idea that was and closed their positions.
I call them "distraction coins"
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lol if I still win this game your shame will be eternally recorded on the block chain 😬😬
We can continue both threads but I assume this one will be more interesting.

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Time out. My bad. I'd be grateful for a mulligan, it's my first time playing via text so I messed up the board position. 😅😩💩👸😵
SEC is supposed to give some ETF info by the end of September if I'm not mistaken? Anybody have details on this?
Very difficult to predict but I think fomo could carry us up pretty quickly. Ripple gained 40% today so I think the bulls are waking up.
Prediction: when BTC hits ~$8K the SEC will declare some major ICO/Alt coin(such as Ripple) an illegal security tanking the crypto market into hell.
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Ripple is going off like a rocket. BTC making a move. Today may be the day!!
When trying to find the line where acts are considered "perverted" you need to find a few things that fit (hopefully!?)obviously into that category and then ask why. Simple logic.
I have mixed feelings about it, especially with Bitmain. If the stated purpose for doing it is to make everyones coins more valuable I think it's dumb. How about pay a marketing team?
We're here for you Laura! At least I am. If I was down by you I'd meet ya for a beer for np
If you're looking purely from a selfish motive and your options are burn or donate - donate is clearly much better for adoption and adoption will increase the price. Donate wins.
Idk, burning $10 of coins increases the value of every other coin by a tiny tiny tiny fraction. A donation however, increases adoption in countries that could use a stable currencey.
Ok, I've seen many dogs that habitually eat feces. If a human does that, is it perverted? Your argument is non-sequitur. One statement has literally nothing to do with the other.
Not agreeing or disagreeing with your conclusion but "animals do it so we should too" is an extremely dumb argument. By that logic we should also be murderors, cannibals, polygamous...
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They are not beholden to partisan politics, only money!
Not a bad idea haha but I think I'll let them enjoy my dumb thoughts and musings.

Shout out to the future people!
Follow da money
I would take ignore user and ignore topic options over downvote 🤷‍♂️
Unelected junk in the trunk
I'm still buying. These big divergences are impossible to ignore. It might take a few weeks to turn around but we're def going up in the short/mid term. https://www.tradingview.com/x/t1bNRjcp