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Original trilogy is Yoda teaching Luke all the things he learned from failing in the PT. That's why he makes him enter into a dark place in ESB, to learn to master his dark side.
unfollowed homopit
· 51 days ago
Anger and HATE is appropriate when we're talking about child sex trafficking/enslaving people to deadly addictions/reckless deaths of our families and friends.
I love the irony of this quote because it describes the prequel Jedi precicely.

Truth - have a healthy relationship with your dark side. Fear is correct in certain situations.
There's no such thing as free speech or the right to defend yourself in an anarchy - only power. If you want no government whatsoever you want tyranny.
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· 51 days ago
As long as you pay there's really no difference between 100x1 meg txns and 1x100 meg txns. You pay for the effort to increase block space, that's it.
Killing straw men will not make their coin go up in value. I have not heard a great value proposition(better than any other alt coins) for ABC coins yet.
If Bitcoin is the internet, Blacknet is the World Wide Web
Building your ivory tower higher only makes your fall more deadly.
Uh huh, and then what happens?
Obviously in that scenario you'd have to roll it all back to the "honest" point in the chain - but If ABC can just announce that we're rolling back... why don't we just use Ripple?
The checkpoint *locks in* the the attack chain. So whatever your secret chain's rules are, or whatever crazy double spends exist on it- they get automatically and permanently accepted
You wouldn't do that if you had 51%+ though because you need to pay power bills by selling coins. Jacking around with the network wrecks the coin's value so you'd be screwing yourself.
It would take a few blocks but the "secret attack" chain would eventually die, or if they had 51%+ the minority miners would be forced to join them or lose all their block rewards.
So you believe in the government of ABC but Bitcoin has a magical power that makes people not believe in government? I'm very confused by your statements.
unfollowed SILENTSAM
· 54 days ago
Anyone thinking this is not possible has no clue what an exponential curve is. Mining tech is not even close to saturation yet.
And if Roger or Aumary do something you don't like with ABC what will you do?
I'm not exactly sure what ABC's value proposition is anymore. Tell me, what is "Bitcoin" cash? What does it do? What is it for? Competition will kill off useless dead wood.
Yeah this is just the next phase of the war. No re-org necessary if it's unprofitable to mine. And they can dump just enough on the market to keep them under water for months.
😵Mike noooo! Please approve of me 😭😭
Oh thaaaaats why coingeek dropped their hashrate. Difficulty adjustment. Very clever.
😂😂😂 clairvoyant as usual