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Chicago native in Tokyo. Technocracy, eugenics and transhumanism are satanic systems to turn you into a domesticated animal that's easy to slaughter. THX 1138

Jesus is Lord. Deal with it.



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Just because it can be changed, and maybe it should be changed - does not necessarily make a particular change a GOOD change. Same base philosophy error as progressivism in general.
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hahah to all 25 of us?
Judith Hill is the heiress to the King of Pop and the PRINCE of funk. She's the yet un-coronated Queen of Soul

Found some buried treasure for yall
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Hahahaha, sorry bro! The BCH schism and the EU breaking up are probably the most interesting topics to me right now. What's on your mind these days?
The cattle is quite uppity today
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It's one of those concepts that's just complicated enough that most people haven't wrapped their heads around it. Also, I think the commie takeover techniques in general are suppressed
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Divide and conquer is really splitting something in 2, but crypto has been shattered into a thousand little sub-groups, so I thought the classic foreign take-over technique was apropos
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Yeah we'll see how committed to Balkanizing(read killing) crypto the Chinese government/world bank types are. It's possible they'll just discard Jihan and move on to the next strategy.
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Have fun in your jammed 10x10 foot room, I'll be in the RoseBowl waiting for the real show to begin.
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IDK about you, but I got into BCH originally because BLOCK SIZE INCREASE
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BSV added almost zero extra code and didn't change any of the underlying fundamentals. I don't see how SV is "the fork of". Without fundamentals, branding is irrelevant.
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How many neighbors is too many neighbors to organize this defense with? What you're describing sounds a whole lot like a government and police.
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So is SV. So is BTC for that matter.

The difference is the scaling roadmap, obviously. Maybe I'll buy some ABC if they can break SV's txn/second record.
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I'll follow the white paper before I follow a dev or a crowd. I understand the original design of Bitcoin. I don't understand how "Bitcoin" Cash BCH works.
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Hahah nooo, if you stop obeying the mafia - they KILL you.
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USD is a global currency, so is Z-cash. What makes "Bitcoin" Cash unique? Why will it win?
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I challenge any ABC supporter to give me solid elevator pitch for that coin. I'm not sure what it's for or what it's unique value proposition is. "We have the smartest devs" is taken.
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"Disgust" is not the word I'd use to describe my feeling toward ppl who want to profit from hurting children. I fear for kids' safety, I hate predators. I hate ppl who embrace evil.
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Original trilogy is Yoda teaching Luke all the things he learned from failing in the PT. That's why he makes him enter into a dark place in ESB, to learn to master his dark side.
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Anger and HATE is appropriate when we're talking about child sex trafficking/enslaving people to deadly addictions/reckless deaths of our families and friends.
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I love the irony of this quote because it describes the prequel Jedi precicely.

Truth - have a healthy relationship with your dark side. Fear is correct in certain situations.