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I'll take a look!
I've heard this too. You got a source?
It's about 5 million to pop 50 million of shorts. You could easily make a few million bucks by squeezing right now. The longer you wait the better tho. Waste as many sellers as you can
The problem is, in capitalism *failure* is very important. You need to constantly get the lead out or the whole thing gets bloated with dead weight. This is what ABC devs do not get.
You often hear the talking point "faster block propagation benifits everyone equally". In reality, it eliminates the try-outs for the big leagues. Anyone can play and succeed, yay!
You can think of mining like baseball. CTOR puts little leaguers on the same playing feild as major league players. This sounds nice at first but in reality it wrecks the game.
I think the big argument that no one is having(and CSW is terrible at explaining) is how CTOR wrecks the competition part of the Nash equilibrium of Bitcoin mining.
Lol I'm having dejavu from late 2016.


He's unhinged! Pathological liar! All his support is astroturfed!
Another reason I think the price will rise is that, whoever wins the war will like to have a big price pop to confirm that "that's what investors/the community really wanted". It's BS of course, but cheap PR.
Longs are high too. It's like the last round of a high stakes poker game and both players are all-in.

ABC's only hope is attracting power from BTC, for that the price must rise.
BCH volume on track to exceed the pump on the 4th. Right now the daily is showing a dragonfly doji, but it could easily pop skyward at any moment.
This is like waiting for the ski patrol to blow dynamite on the double blacks after a big snow.
Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
- Warren Buffet

I'm not kidding when I say, this squeeze could hit $3000+. 100k in shorts but theres only 27k sell orders on the books....... Guess I'm pulling an all nighter!!
45 million bucks in shorts are begging to be liquidated. $500 is the .618 fib so I think we'll kiss that briefly then rip up past $600 in about 10 minutes of panic.
If that happens will you leave?
Lol "CSW poison block attack" is the new "Roger Ver spam".

If your node is crashing on your million dollar mining op, that's your own damn fault. How this is not self evident, I can not fathom.
The shorts are wayyy too high. The pressures got to let off. I think the bull Gartley pattern will validate at 572.5 in the short squeeze. Then fork FUD selling. Then moon.
20k BCH shorts are about to chicken out https://www.tradingview.com/chart/bQ7KktWt/
RIP "the community". Fortunately Bitcoin is not Proof of Community, because then, of course, someone would just manufacture one and take over.
lol yeah, I was hoping to see a few rounds of fighting, not just an execution. I suppose this is the mature, grown up thing to do though.
An uncomfortable truth that I never hear mentioned by anyone but me- 25% of ALL BCH coins are held in only 100 addresses
The userbase? Like what, all 3000 us? We have NOTHING to do with the price. Also, there won't be two coins.
If the hash rate is fairly 50/50 we could get a dumping war but I don't think it is. Not even close actually. This will be over in a few hours. Doink off ~450 then bull market.
**An addendum to "be greedy when others are fearful"**
If you want to be greedy, make people fearful.
Can't wait to hear the "anarchists" crying about market manipulation.