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BTC = ~8k will be known as The Big Crypto Short of 2018
A Ripple short I'll take if it works out. https://www.tradingview.com/x/61vkhVaj
Yeah I can get on board with that. I'm a bit skeptical about the motivation behind Wormhole. Seems to me they're more interested in gambling casinos(ICO exchanges) than making BCH cash
There are other companies coming out with very hot ASIC chips. If even a quarter of their customers go elsewhere for hardware(for whatever reason) I think they're toast.
That's not really what I'm saying. I'm saying that if they HAD to sell because their books are in the red, even a million BCH is not going to float the Titanic.
In the grand scheme of things, pretty much nothing. Soooo many things got fixed for that very small cost so we should really be doing it every month.
1 million BCH = 500 million dollars IF the market could handle them selling it all. IDK what their expenses/profit margins are but 500 mill is not actually that much money.
I'm totally doing this.
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That's right, you get no short without a buy
Burning coins is kind of like burning a Tabasco the Bull thinking it'll make all the other extant Beany Babies more valuable/desirable. In reality it's just a token gesture(wakawaka).
There's varying quality. I've found that restaurant quality/price ratio heavily depends on taxes and regulatory pressure. Also in bigger cities like Chicago there's restaurant cartels.
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Oh you should know, selling short actually pushes the price UP because you're basically borrowing from a hodler and paying interest.
Best vegetarian food is Indian food. There's a place in Indianapolis called Spice Nation that's all you can eat. I go whenever I'm in town.
I mean it was a logical place to sell cuz there was resistance, also there's a major major bug in BTC. Hilariously, people hear the words "chain split" and instantly think FREE COINS
I think it's more of an altruistic excuse for developing Wormhole. Sort of appealing to BCH holders like "plus it makes your coins more valuable!"
Over the past 8 hours 6 million bucks of shorts were bought on Bitfinex. Half have already realized what a bad idea that was and closed their positions.