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Chicago native in Tokyo. Technocracy, eugenics and transhumanism are satanic systems to turn you into a domesticated animal that's easy to slaughter. THX 1138

Jesus is Lord. Deal with it.



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Which is why all the Neos look the same but make different choices in the same situation(which the machines can’t understand)
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I have an alternate theory. Neo’s DNA code is a close match of the original AI designer who the machines must obey/implant with real-world control tech.
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Ok maybe work this time?
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"Qanon is a do your own research kind of thing" is an NPC response. I've heard it from a dozen other Qbots.
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I payed attention for about 6 months but Q never told me anything I didn't already know from other sources. Also it has the hallmarks of a COINTELPRO op. A long con. Research that!
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Sorry buddy. When it starts to sound like a religion I'm out. When I see bots copy-pasting meaningless hashtags and groupthink.... Q is a deepstate op and they got you all by the nose.
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I agree completely. Every Chinese person I know is awesome. I should've made a better effort to differentiate the nation from the state.
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Yeah, I'd pay for memos from VE
OSAKA vs. KVITOVA live in Melbourne. Great tennis battle going on now!
Oh man I'm looking at this 65000 character limit and I'm getting major blank page phobia. Should we talk about China? How they're backing Maduro and Trump is backing Juan Guaido. Muslim congress member saying Trump is backing a "far right coup"(meaning anything right of Mao). Fox freaking out about it.... uhhhhhh wasn't the USA a coup? We're supposed *like* when nations tell their internationally allingned dictators where they can shove it.