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Chicago native in Tokyo. Technocracy, eugenics and transhumanism are satanic systems to turn you into a domesticated animal that's easy to slaughter. THX 1138

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OSAKA vs. KVITOVA live in Melbourne. Great tennis battle going on now!
Oh man I'm looking at this 65000 character limit and I'm getting major blank page phobia. Should we talk about China? How they're backing Maduro and Trump is backing Juan Guaido. Muslim congress member saying Trump is backing a "far right coup"(meaning anything right of Mao). Fox freaking out about it.... uhhhhhh wasn't the USA a coup? We're supposed *like* when nations tell their internationally allingned dictators where they can shove it.

65000 character limit?? Ohhhhhh yes it's time to put some info on this chain.
Anybody posting memos from Venezuela?? What the heck is going on down there?
That a 4th grader can go pro might make you think this game is easy but I assure you, it's hands down the most difficult board game ever devised.
9 year old Sumire Nakamura from Osaka to become the youngest Japanese professional Go player in history. Her ascent has kindled hopes that Japan will make a comeback in international competition.
Judith Hill is the heiress to the King of Pop and the PRINCE of funk. She's the yet un-coronated Queen of Soul

Found some buried treasure for yall
The cattle is quite uppity today
Usually after breaking a hard support/resistance it'll retrace before continuing. I think we'll dead-cat-bounce up to that blue line before more blood.
This market is about to explode to the up-side. I can feel it in mah bones.
It's looking really dead-cat-bouncy. I think we might get a week or two of lay person curiosity bump before more blood. Naturally, I'm taking a long on Ripple.
I often play rock/paper/scissors with elementary kids. It's the 1st graders who think they can win by throwing Godzilla or black hole. By 2nd or 3rd grade they've realized that's not how games work.
This is actually a valid patter(shout out to my stalker Mike)
Under normal circumstances I'd think about longing it but, well, you know 😅
BTC is sitting right on the long term .786 Fibonacci level. Pretty logical spot for a lot of the shorts to take profit. Could get a little rally here before more blood.
I. Can. Not. Wait. For the class action lawsuit filed by a bunch of so-called anarchists.
This red line going lower should not make you less afraid, it should make you MORE afraid. SV has at least 5ex hash, possibly more. Every spare chip is hashing a re-org of ABC.
Figured out the strategy:
SV is deliberately staying just behind ABC while dedicating as much hash as possible to a re-org. When ABC drops it frees SV hash to tighten the noose.
SV probably has a blank ABC chain running in secret down at a nominal difficulty. If the ABC chain lets up on their hashpower long enough for SV to pump their secret chain with 51%+ PoW, it'll cancel every transaction

Looks like ABC ppl have spun up a bunch of SV nodes so that when 90% of them crash in the stress test they can say it's a crappy node implementation/needs the ABC "scaling solutions".
I teach elementary school English in Tokyo, 90% of what we do is play games. Cheating to get ahead early and then trying to demoralize your opponent by bragging is something 5th graders do. 6th graders are more mature
Lol @ all the people who have no clue how mining works so they can't game out what's going to happen when switches their miners back to BTC and it adjusts difficulty. I bet they satoshi's shotgun BTC.
I don't think very many people realize that if Jihan does not come in to defend's blocks they'll lose every single satoshi they mined today.

Also BTC difficulty will adjust in about 20 hours. #hashwar
Wow, all the dumb people on here who can't game out what's happening. I guess maybe you just don't know how Bitcoin mining works.

Here's a hint:,8h
Judging from the last fork, the volatility is going to be complete insanity. Roller coaster meme o'clock. Let's do it!