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Libertarian Socialist, Linux System Administrator, and Photographer.


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My fundraiser is still active at https://gofundme.com/help-jkid-get-out-of-debt/

For Bitcoin Donations: https://ndokeh.github.io/helpJkid/
I'm also in contact with two TV stations in the Wash DC area to publicize my story. WUSA 9 and WTTG 5. I've been following up with them and they should be in touch with me soon.
In total I've received $780 dollars of donations. Almost there to the $1000 dollar mark. #helpJkid #autism #gofundme
Good news, I've received a total of $380 for my #gofundme campaign today. Mostly from the DC Tech community after reaching out to them. I also got two potential job opportunities.

#helpJkid #autism
I fully agree with what you're saying. If you need help and as long you're not hurting others or not at risk at hurting others you should not be forced into treatment. #mentalillness
Here's my portfolio of the types of photo's I've taken over the recent years.


#helpJkid #autism #BCHforeveryone
It's worth noting that I have not received any donations over the past week and I've got notice that the rent will be up to $1,888 stating Dec. 1st

#helpJkid #autism #BCHforeveryone
Someone suggested that I post about my ordeal via Buzzfeed. So here it is.


#helpJkid #autism #BCHforeveryone
4. Also use remaining funds to live frugally and to persue my dreams of being a non-fiction author and photographer while having a IT job.

#helpJkid #gofundme #bchforeveryone
3. Use some of funds to travel across the US visiting people and stores who accept BCH and have BCH ATMS to show how easy it is to buy and sell BCH

#helpJkid #gofundme #bchforeveryone

1. First step is to pay off all debt including credit and student loans
2. Give $5,000 to $10,000 to my parents...
#helpJkid #gofundme #autism
You mean plans to use the money if I get donated 100,000 dollars or 50,000 dollars?

#helpJkid #gofundme #autism
I don't have the resources to create, I need money and a network of contacts for that. I do not have close friends or a networking willing able to help

#helpJkid #gofundme #autism
So far I have not gotten any further donations to my gofundme or my bitfund fundraisers yet, So here are the links to them again

#helpJkid #Autism #bchforeveryone
Also, I had a bunch of people who enjoyed my Yours article and tipped 2 or 3 bucks worth of BCH to my account.

#helpJkid #Autism #Bchforeveryone .
He also asked for my gofundme which I gave him the link but there has been no updates so far.

#helpJkid #Autism #Bchforeveryone .
Here's my first daily update in what is going on with my fundraiser.

In regards of my #helpJkid campaign I have a person willing to help (Jared) me.

#Autism #Bchforeveryone
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I've applied to companies that have remote work but no one was interested.

I posted on craigslist with my resume. No one was intertested.

#helpJkid #bchforeveryone #saveJkid
I'm planning to do a brief livestream/blogstream at 10:30pm

Don't call it a come back. It's just me talking


#savejkid #gofundme #Autism
Yeah, I would love to join that club.