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· 193d
Good news, I've received a total of $380 for my #gofundme campaign today. Mostly from the DC Tech community after reaching out to them. I also got two potential job opportunities.

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· 199d
Here's my portfolio of the types of photo's I've taken over the recent years.


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· 200d
Someone suggested that I post about my ordeal via Buzzfeed. So here it is.


#helpJkid #autism #BCHforeveryone
· 206d
Here's my first daily update in what is going on with my fundraiser.

In regards of my #helpJkid campaign I have a person willing to help (Jared) me.

#Autism #Bchforeveryone
· 207d
I'm planning to do a brief livestream/blogstream at 10:30pm

Don't call it a come back. It's just me talking


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· 207d
In case if anyone is in doubt of my situation: Here's my laid off notice and my student loan statement

#helpJkid #bchforeveryone #Autism
· 207d
Good afternoon my name is Ndee "Jkid" Okeh, I've a on and off contributor on yours.org. I've been planning to do weekly bitcoin articles but sadly I can't logistically do it anymore. #helpJkid #Autism
· 237d
In light of the #Jacksonville ,FL mass shooting, here's my take on how it was a preventable shooting.


· 243d
I've finally published a post in a long time. This time it's about my 1st experience with a Bitcoin Cash ATM:


· 257d
Remember what I said about the #BitcoinCash ATM video that's coming soon?

Here it is now!

· 257d
Today I went to the closest #BitcoinCash ATM near my area, in College Park to withdraw my first $200 (currently .3 BCH). Full video coming very soon.


· 269d
Finally publishing my "microbook" as a #tumblr blog.

It's called "I'm Just Another Entitled #Unemployed #Millennial"

· 270d
This week's Bitcoin Cash Article


Untapped Market - Bitcoin Cash and the Unbanked

#bchforeveryone #BitcoinCash
· 274d
As promised in the goals here is my Official Website, it's basic but it will grow over time with more edits, a portfolio, and writings I did all in one place:
· 275d
An update to my fundraiser: This week I've received around .3 BCH along with $150 dollars in additional donations from gofundme and paypal, for a total of $400 dollars. #bchforeveryone
@Jeffrey Lebowski - That's Trainspotting.
· 277d
Here's my story of how I got rejected for a #helpdesk position in Virginia.


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· 278d
· 279d
· 279d
Just now I've received $5.16 USD towards my next goal of starting work on creating a website representing me, my work, writings, resume,and my photography and vidtography portfolio,technology manuals and tutorials.
· 279d
Yesterday, I made a post on reddit's r/BTC about a new decentralized fundraiser system called http://Bitfund.cash