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I will not talking to you anymore . We are same feather sir zemus . Ignis ???
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Dont judge me . Like you dont do anything wrong sir zemus .
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I posting a content . If he give me money he wants it . Fraud ? Before you bash sir uther now you telling that he is saint ? Are you ok sir zemus ?
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Sur zemus . Even sir uther have several acct . If you want just try another acct too . Iloveyou sir zemus .
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Thankyou sir . 😭
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Oppss by the way . Sir uther know that we have a double acct here . Sorry .
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【FINAL FANTASY XIII-2】 悠久の大平原 PLAINS OF ETERNITY ~Instrumental ver~ (Cover)
•Jul 30, 2020
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Don't be . Hehe .i told you that i create a new acct because my old acct have a problem .
replied 929d
What up zemus ?
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Sir uther . Im still your favorite hehe 😘 Im asking you in my first acct . Hoping you notuce it 💋💋💋
replied 929d
Aww . Ok sir . Give me some example hehe
replied 931d
Nice sir uther 😘
replied 931d
Sir the other kayie is me too . I though you ignore me so why i create a new one . Hehe .
replied 931d
Sir uther . Hi
replied 931d
Are you ignoring me sir ???😭😭😭
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Please sir 😭😭😭
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Listen to this music you will love it
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Listen to this music you will love it