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Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the non agression principle.


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Have you tried "member" yet? Its like memo meets reddit and so far its looking very promising. With all the censorship going on, Reddit's days are numbered.
Try member at:
This is what we are up against... x a few million + AI:

My favorite chocolate in the world now accepts BCH/ BTC for payment: Sacred Chocolate! It is expensive but the best chocolate I've ever had by far.
The level of censorship right now is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL. Just type "building seven" into YouTube and just look at the AGENDA-based PROGRAMMING they are trying to force feed the masses. Its fucking disgusting.
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Abolish the FED and repeal legal tender laws, allow competing currencies to compete. Let the free market decide what sound money is.
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Would be very interested if anyone has yet registered an Ethereum (ERC20) virtual person as a PERSON via California Department of Public Health - Vital Records (or similar). This could be a Pandora's box...
Tweet Jim Mizes CEO of Blaze Pizza videos of BCH in use at retail:
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Economy is a subset of Psychology. All things economy are psychology, but not all things psychology are economy?
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Not ONE mention in the MSM that they happened on the military base. All of the biggest quakes centered under the bombing range...

Quakes in California yesterday are being heavily downplayed by MSM. They weren't in LA, or San Bernardino. They were on China Lake Military Base...
We need to take back political "debates" from the MSM, and replace it with an online open source debate platform. No topic would be off limits. No time limit on answers. No candidate denied access to the forum.
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Great update!!!
Memo still working after the fork?
Absolutely love Brave browser's idea to change the advertising model. Talk about disruptive technology! If you haven't claimed your tokens yet go here:
One issue we all can ALL agree on: End The Fed
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If it wasn’t for automation of work we would still live in the Stone Age. Remember the Luddites? Every luxury you enjoy today is the product of refined automation.
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And so goes the learning curve of dating: partners who don’t share your same goals. True friends become the best partners. Friends are people who you can ELEVATE together with.
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If the only reason you have relationships is sex I feel sorry for you. Loving relationships can be deeply rewarding, built on mutual trust, and healthy interdependence.
Where do we get a invite code? I would participate but can’t create a user.