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if you see all the nice things you can do with Spice and other SLP's we should be very bullish on Spice and SLP in general
· 14d
The battle of Govt v. ICOs: EOS creator settles for $24million, KIK fights SEC
· 14d
hey everybody, you can catch me on here talking to Collin about the SLPVH
· 21d
Bitcoin Equals Freedom, article by Ross Ulbricht
· 21d
Which blockchain has a more centralized mining? Convince yourself.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Cash

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#Wikileaks #JulianAssange
· 36d
I usually love what Roger is telling but this story is so personal that it is more than love, this is kinda like my story he´s telling
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Tutorial: How To Accept #BitcoinCash In Your Store With The Bitcoin Cash Register

· 48d · Censorship
Visualizing Internet Suppression Around the World
· 54d · Ideas to improve our lives
Practice yoga and the wim Hof breathing exercise.
· 61d
This is the sickest thing I've read today:

Brace yourselves for the MSM trying to paint these degenerates as heroes while attempting to push the story under the rug.

#Epstein #PedoGate
· 57d
Dumbest Jeffery Epstein Coverage On Corporate News - Jimmy Dore Show

#DeepState #PedoGate #Epstein #FailStreamMedia
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Did you know that there are thousands of humans working hard selling food on the streets every day for the best consumer prices and highest level of quality working in an absolutely free market here in Venezuela?
· 92d
Bitcoin & Friends is back:
· 94d
Always crack me up :-)

#dailymemo #dailyshitpost
· 108d
my coworker allowed me to show you all his new sushi endeavor, it's wicked tasty.
all vegan, made with locally grown veggies.
· 107d
#Bitcoin maximalists are the #Antifa Terrorists of #cryptocurrencies
· 106d · 2-legged cancer
Realtime representation of the speed of Amazon deforestation, shown on a football pitch for scale -
· 104d
Happy 4th everybody

Ron Paul tokens availible for 1776 satoshi's
· 104d
The Americans believe so much in liberty that they fly 1000s of miles to bomb the shit out of my reach and lock their own people for smoking a plant.
Thank Odin not all in US are like that