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Tutorial: How To Accept #BitcoinCash In Your Store With The Bitcoin Cash Register

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Visualizing Internet Suppression Around the World
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Practice yoga and the wim Hof breathing exercise.
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This is the sickest thing I've read today:

Brace yourselves for the MSM trying to paint these degenerates as heroes while attempting to push the story under the rug.

#Epstein #PedoGate
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Dumbest Jeffery Epstein Coverage On Corporate News - Jimmy Dore Show

#DeepState #PedoGate #Epstein #FailStreamMedia
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The level of censorship right now is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL. Just type "building seven" into YouTube and just look at the AGENDA-based PROGRAMMING they are trying to force feed the masses. Its fucking disgusting.
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Abolish the FED and repeal legal tender laws, allow competing currencies to compete. Let the free market decide what sound money is.
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Would be very interested if anyone has yet registered an Ethereum (ERC20) virtual person as a PERSON via California Department of Public Health - Vital Records (or similar). This could be a Pandora's box...
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Tweet Jim Mizes CEO of Blaze Pizza videos of BCH in use at retail:
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Did you know that there are thousands of humans working hard selling food on the streets every day for the best consumer prices and highest level of quality working in an absolutely free market here in Venezuela?
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Bitcoin & Friends is back:
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Always crack me up :-)

#dailymemo #dailyshitpost
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Which of these two concepts have more influence over our shared reality?
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Economy is a subset of Psychology. All things economy are psychology, but not all things psychology are economy?
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Not ONE mention in the MSM that they happened on the military base. All of the biggest quakes centered under the bombing range...