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Hello Jeremy
$imemo hello
Over 20000 BCH now agree that block time should decrease from 10 min to shorter time
every BCH hodl can vote here
Chris Yoon is great
Happy Birthday, James Key
ABC did a Blockstream takeover: single dev team, CTOR (Segwit like), Mass censorship, astroturfing, and buddying up to top altcoiners like Emin Gün Sirer.
Does this really work? #memochicken
Memo still hasn't updated the block explorers for SV...
Well, I guess we have 2 coins now.
The ones included in Bitcoin 0.1 which blockstream removed.
You must be new to this.
Check points , Wormhole, dsv, CToR, PoS, it a BABel Coin all confused...
Lol, people still play roblox?
Every time you spam this I'm going to ask, again and again, for information about your protocol.
Though there is no increase in OP_RETURN at the moment, there is a pull request to make that happen:
sv socket test #1
Test #3 (I'm paying a fee so it's not spam)
bitdb test #2. You'll see within 2 weeks :), Feel free to hold me up to it.
bitdb test #1
Hello Memo!
** For people running marketcap sites **

SVBlox has released an endpoint to get an accurate BSV circulating supply. Please checkout

More comprehensive API to come soon... :)
voted on poll BSV 1,000 sat · 60 days ago
created poll · 61d
In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 56 votes · 11,352 satoshis
BSV 41 votes · 13,121 satoshis

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64mb block mined a few minutes ago!
SV Chain mined a 64mb block!
I have no idea. Maybe they're trying that now?