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I am into cryptos.


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Hi Teodor, contact me by DM on Uptrennd or by Twitter (@Cryptovato1) - I will explain it how it works here.
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You just have to let them do your job. And I had to explain what stevia is used for, that people who are diabetics and who want to lose weight use that stevia.
Today military police of my state detained my vehicle and made a thorough revision of my vehicle because of drugs and weapons. When they were checking my bag I had to explain them what stevia drops are used for.
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Thanks a lot for your monthly dividend. You made my day. DV token is one of my favorite SLP tokens!
I received 0.014 BCH sat of monthly dividend per each DV token, that's 5% of dividend = passive income in my case, just only for 1 month.

Thanks a lot @spicetrader and #Divvy team!
We inform a 2% reduction of price in price of RFND.

New price is 0.94 satoshi, and will be valid as of Sunday, May 31st.
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Thanks a lot. I will have to start testing Electron as well.
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Divvy token dividends, they are coming on June 1st.
4d · DIVVY Token Project
I am looking forward for it.
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It's a very interesting stat. Hope Mexico will enter to this Top 10 soon.
Due to 3% gains we announce another price increase for RFND tokens as of today May 26th.

New price is 0.96 sat per RFND.
I personally consider the intrinsic value (fair value) of Bitcoin Cash is the range between 1,514 USD to 2,271 USD based on its record highs from Dec, 2017.

I think we will break the resistance of 500 USD this Q4.
We celebrate anniversary of Refund Token - 3 months on the market.

Just compare:
Feb25th - 1,580,000 RFND per USD
March 12th - 3,100,000 RFND per USD
Today May 26th - 400,000 RFND per USD
I was very happy when I saw new Honks in my wallet.
You guys made my day!

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We have that plan to do this move aprox. in 1 year but before this move, we want to consolidate and strengthen RFND as best as possible.
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I think when you aren't happy about living in one country, you should move to other country. Problem solved. I did it 25 years ago, and I don't regret about it.
I just cannot picture my life without BCH, SLP tokens and our RFND and without and all of you!

All of you (including the cryptos) give me a strong boost to my life!
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Now we are running out of beer in Mexico. I hold my last stash of beers as a treasure inside of my fridge.
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It's on and other 7 exchanges + 3 crypto platforms
I will be publishing articles about our trading SLP assets.
(RNEW, Spice, Honk, etc.)

33.33% of all BCH and SLP tips will go for promotion articles and creator's content on in 2020.
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Everything can be possible. BCH/ETH in the last 15 months was between 0.92 to 2.1. So it is maintained in this range finally. Hope we don't go below 0.92.
BCH starts to get stronger today. (231 USD, 1.13 ETH, 0.0259 BTC).

Deep in my bones I feel there will be a bull run of BCH quite soon.
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Congrats Scott. From the very beginning I followed you, I knew that you have an extraordinary journalist talent.
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I strongly agree. I was checking there info on our tokens. It's a big help.