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I am into cryptos.


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We have that plan to do this move aprox. in 1 year but before this move, we want to consolidate and strengthen RFND as best as possible.
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I think when you aren't happy about living in one country, you should move to other country. Problem solved. I did it 25 years ago, and I don't regret about it.
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I just cannot picture my life without BCH, SLP tokens and our RFND and without and all of you!

All of you (including the cryptos) give me a strong boost to my life!

What was the best thing you bought with cryptocurrency? #BCH
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Now we are running out of beer in Mexico. I hold my last stash of beers as a treasure inside of my fridge.
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It's on and other 7 exchanges + 3 crypto platforms
I will be publishing articles about our trading SLP assets.
(RNEW, Spice, Honk, etc.)

33.33% of all BCH and SLP tips will go for promotion articles and creator's content on in 2020.
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