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189d · Coin Trade Tips
Been away for a while. NWC saw ATH that day tho. That was a good tip. Hope you have benefited. Now my KuCoin tip is $LYXe. It will bring more than 20% within 10 days.
206d · Coin Trade Tips
$ARDR, $NWC, $VRA. $NWC will see ATH tomorrow.
208d · Coin Trade Tips
Today's tips: it is not late for buying $HOT and $EVX. I expect $HOT to be 10 satoshis and $EVX to be 5750. Huge profit! Both are short-mid term, so hold a little bit.
212d · Coin Trade Tips
TFUEL, PNT and BNB all were rockets! Now my new recommendation is: #CHZ (RoI min 10%) This is a soccer coin and partner to many big clubs. Before new seasons, new partnerships will come!
213d · SOUR
213d · Capitalism
No one:
214d · Coin Trade Tips
#BNB - Target 1: 0.002 BTC. RoI: 5% in a very short timeframe.
214d · Coin Trade Tips
#BNB - Target:
replied 214d
Imo, no coin is "investment". Never going to be like Apple stock. It is as risky as playing leveraged stock and 99.9% of the coins are shitcoins. I only take profit and leave.
214d · Racism
If they are acting or speaking on behalf of the state, they can not discriminate the taxpayers. In their private life they may be racists but still it will cause doubts.
214d · Coin Trade Tips
Last tip of today: it is still not late to invest in PNT. I bought it from 1.10 USD and expect it to be 1.30 USD in the very near future.
214d · Coin Trade Tips
I also recommend you to start accumulate #ZEC. Its halving in November. It is very easy & safe money to make. After halving, RoI will be no less than 35-40% if you start accumulating today.
214d · Coin Trade Tips
Hey guys! I have been making gains from coin trading and I will share my investments with you here.

First tip: #TFUEL. Buy now and don't sell before 0.01 USD. (RoI 19%)
214d · Racism
Unpopular opinion: I think ordinary people should have rights to be a racist while state officials and people who represent the state shall not be racist
replied 214d
No I meant the image you have produced with enormous effort lol
replied 214d
That is one of the sweetest things ever been made for me lol.

Btw I did not login to memo yesterday so I am just seeing this debate now. Meaning I would answer him if I saw his reply
replied 214d
It looks also like a motorized gameboy color imho, but the idea of foldable scooters in 80's is really interesting
replied 218d
u for real?
218d · FEELS
I FEELS you bro
218d · Capitalism

218d · bitcoin cash
I think in the future bitcoin cash will really be the main cryptocurrency, I believe in the project since the whitepaper and all my savings are BCH. I am not stepping back.
218d · US Politics/Trump
218d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
What is the difference between Trump and Biden?

Trump remembers the name of the child he last raped and murdered.
218d · 10k Satoshi for Follow me
Yep, followed
A 1800cc monster: BMW R18.