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Doing my part in filling adding to the mempool.
If the earth is flat, is that why people in Australia are upside down?
Cashed out my BSV one damn day too early. Oh well, I've still made a killing.
I'm almost convinced that LN and Segwit are just jokes that got way out of control and are militantly backed by people with schizophrenia.
I noticed the same thing. Johoe's mempool seems to think it's empty though. Possibly invalid tx not being mined?
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You are a scholar and a gentlemen.
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just use old.reddit.com and turn off the custom theme for the subreddit and you can downvote
Bitcoin SV v0.2.0 software license no longer meets the Open Source Definition.

This spam issue could be solved easily with a mute function:

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Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto
NO! 1 votes · 546 satoshis
Absolutely fucking not. 2 votes · 0 satoshis
lol, no 8 votes · 10,333 satoshis
Yes he is. Also, I'm retarded. 0 votes · 0 satoshis


Keep buying his bullshit if you insist, but copyWright is more cocaine than man at this point. He wasn't granted any patents lol
"Proves he's Satoshi", some people just can't grasp the concept of proof needing to be more than 55$ and an internet connection.
Memo transactions reach 400,000!🎉
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Coretards are submitting false 1 star review for the Bitcoin.com wallet app both in the appstore and playstore.

Make sure to submit your review and make a comment too.

#BitcoinCash #Bitcoin.com
Bitcoin covered on 60 Minutes tonight.
I'm using the bitcoin.com wallet on ios.
Just wanted to say sorry to the BCH community for any bad things I've said in private about BCH. You have won me over! This community and Devs are doing great things!! Excited to be on board.
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This earth may be flat but aliens did it. /s
I thought it looked like BTC was on track to start emptying its mempool after Veriblock gave up on them, but it's just getting worse.

What a joke
It's a shame that flattards and other religious nuts benefit from the very science they hate and deny. I hope you fuckers vaccinate your kids at least.