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Michelle Obama?
I just ran into Satoshi Nakamoto eating at a Waffle House in Houston, TX. He's still a miserable, onery SOB.
oh, blow it out your ass.
I heard Kevin Spacey played hide the salami with Jim Acosta's butt hole.
You mean global warming? Actually trees grow better in a bit more heat and C02.
Trump is right, we need the wall. Let's build it out of plastic we clean from the ocean...Everyone wins. Let's put QR codes on the wall for people who want to donate to it.
Hate leads to suffering.
Some are idiots. In communism everyone works, everything is rationed out equally, there is no private property.
All she needs to do is move to Venezuela to live in the country she wants.
Bitcoin politics is crypto-anarchy, the economics is anarcho-capitalism.
Yeah, but you still have them. A huge factor is security. It's not 100% perfectly effective, but effective enough to save countless people from crime and harm - ancient knowledge.
As you type your reply surrounded by many walls.
So the recent children that died at the border, should their accompanying parents be charged with negligent homicide?
Wall's are great. My house has walls to keep out socialist and liberals trying to steal my money and guns. My bedrooms and crapper have walls too. Walls are great and work.
Merry Christmas to everyone at Especially @RoyalTiffany Even the liberals and socialist. Merry Christmas to all.
Trump has ended two wars and and is in the process of turning North Korea into a peaceful country. If you don't agree that he should get a Noble Peace Prize then you're full of shat.
Yes, and the better the pleasure the higher the demand.
Demand is determined by the pleasure people get from it. The more pleasure they get the more they'll pay. It starts with the amount of pleasure.
Happy Holiday memo world!!! Hopefully it'll be a great 2019 for BCH! ❤️🎉
I'm curious - when did Roger Ver turn into Jihan Wu's lapdog? Has been years or just leading up to the hard fork?
Just what i thought. When called out for specific examples liberals shit their pants. And then blame Trump for it.
Marx deserves to be rotting in a dumpster in Venezuela.
Demand is determined my the pleasure one gets from it. Supply follows that demand. So the pleasure determines everything else. Do i need to make drawrings for you?
Can we just agree that Marx was an idiot?
How is he off the rails? Can you give a specific example, numb nuts?