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I do have bch tshirts. Bu no lingerie :)
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AHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHH good job ahahhahahahhah
I'm starting to think might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
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U are always ready for a game of hide the Salami hahahahahah
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Stop taking out your jealous rage on people just because they're happy, smart, or successful. If you have life figured out, lead by example, not from behind a computer screen.
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shout out Royal Tiffany, for granting me permission to use her photos in an art project titled 0xun
I've added an option to for streamers to set "min. donation" requirements for alerts to be shown. This is so streamers can prevent alert spam.

By default it is at $0.00 so all alerts are shown.
Today I finished the first draft of my novel. #dailymemo
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Halfway there!!
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I dont think BCH itself is hated. I am pretty sure what everyone hates is the drama...
I've promised garbage, but i'll have to let you down with this mountain of bread i baked instead.
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I'm running out of time, but I guess so is everyone else. #dailymemo
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Ahahahah yeah like 4-5 years ago as a joke.
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Hey :) I messaged you on twitter. And thank you for the QR :D
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here's one with your Memo address as an example
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I was wondering if we could work something out,I'd like to use a couple of your pics for an art project,I'll give you a credit,in exchange I'll make you QRs of your tip addresses?
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218d · RoyalTiffany