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250d · Airdrops
Airdrop incoming to MIS holders
270d · Airdrops
270d · Politics
270d · Airdrops
Everyone ready for the airdrop to MIS holders? Only about an hour left!
sent · 12,345 sats 271d
Sent you some MIS to rebuild your token collection, it isn't showing that any were burned recently though. You might be able to get yours back once the bitcoin.com wallet enables slp tokens
271d · Airdrops
MIS holders will receive another airdrop tomorrow! Happening at 6PM GMT, will be roughly 0.1BCH
271d · Memo

It looks like the MIS tokens up for sale that were canceled by the error were burned, was this fixed?
281d · Airdrops
Thank you Cain!! After his, there have now been 3 airdrops to MIS token holders so far, equaling 0.23 BCH in total. To celebrate, I will be sending more MIS to anyone who announces an airdrop here
281d · Airdrops
BCH sent! Only noticed one small error during the process, seems it doesn't properly display the number of SLP balances -

281d · Airdrops
Bitcoin.com tool was just released, about to send out the second MIS airdrop. Grab them from the market now if you want some!
290d · Airdrops
1st Misocoin airdrop successful, feel free to post other airdrops here, new followers will still receive 5 MIS

Next airdrop will be 20M sats, on the day the Bitcoin.com dividend tool is released!
290d · Airdrops
Locking in totals now, buy or comment/follow within the next 5 minutes to ensure the correct reward
290d · memo
I'm having an issue with token sales getting cancelled randomly, it's happened four times now. Does tipping tokens interfere with open offers?
290d · Airdrops
Bitcoin.com dividend tool is still not available to the public, so the airdrop may take longer than planned. First will be 2M sats, and once the tool is released 20M sats will be tipped to holders
291d · Airdrops
Just realized the Bitcoin.com tool hasn't been publicly released yet, it's going to be fun figuring out how to do this manually
sent · 555 sats 291d
Sent you some Misocoin for contributing to Memo, follow the Airdrops topic if you want some more. I'll be distributing a BCH dividend in about 20 hours
291d · Airdrops
Same token. Airdrop is occurring for Misocoin holders tomorrow though, in approx 20 hours and 55 minutes
291d · Airdrops
Follow this topic to get 5 more, we can use it to keep track of which tokens pay dividends. Act fast, there are only 1000 total Misocoins!!
291d · Airdrops
Comment here to get some for free, I'll tip you according to how frequently you post on Memo
291d · Airdrops
Performing an airdrop on Misocoin in 23 hours and 30 minutes, get some while there's time!
318d · Bitcoin Cash
https://cointelegraph.com/news/buterin-proposes-bitcoin-cash-integration-to-scale-ethereum-in-short-term Peter McCormack will have to actually learn something about scaling to cover this lol
324d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
Republicans are perpetuating one of the biggest child trafficking schemes in history, claiming they're taking children from traffickers and then "losing" them
324d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
You're allowing your emotions to be manipulated rather than looking at the actual issue, seeking asylum isn't illegal and family separation is child abuse
324d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
>Open boarders

Lol. It's manufactured because it's not based on facts, and distracting from actual issues. Ports are more frequently used for human trafficking
332d · US Politics/Trump
They probably already consider Trump the fall guy. They know the next far-right candidate won't be old, obese, or dementia-addled, but will be way more dangerous. I'm thinking Erik Prince