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Looking forward to watching videos from the Bitcoin Cash City conference. In need of some positive BCH news for a change. #dailymemo
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Don't feel bad, I knew some of these people before the last big crypto explosion. They'll be asking you for advice on how to get in pretty soon
Hey guys... just getting back in... I tried showing a few coworkers about SLP tokens and BCH ...man did they make me feel bad... very rude.. laughed at me and cryptocurrency all together :(:(:( I felt soooo sad
Looking for someone willing to mine on testnet. There are about 61K orphaned txs that need rescuing. I can write a script to do it, but need to connect my node directly to a mining node.

#dailymemo #bitcoincash
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I've got an S15 I can switch over for a while, never messed around with testnet though. I'd be happy to assist if you let me know how to set it up
Reminder: https://tipbitcoin.cash is a non-custodial, on-chain tipping service for livestreamers with live donation alerts appearing on screen when a transaction is received!
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Today memo is flourishing with ideas, airdrops and new tokens. I like it!!!
Samkelo Belwazi Sibandze
Thank you for the tips, Unusual, I love this community already...
Airdrop has now ended, thank you to everyone who participated!
Its pretty cool how we all airdrop around the same dates :)
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Thanks, fren. Pet doge and pay tribute with quality doge snacks for maximum treat levels on my behalf.
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Thanks for Airdrop 🐨
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Not saying that diversifying isn't the safest choice though, especially if you're investing in physical or base-level assets
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Haven't posted here in a while. I've been hard at work working on Crescent Cash, and the tipbitcoin.cash rewrite. :) I'll share some more details in the next few memos.
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I doubt a solar flare will touch all places on earth. and even if it did. just have some ledgers in a solar flare proof zone.