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Airdrop incoming to MIS holders
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I think we can keep the fees at or below 1c per tx in the long run with Bitcoin Cash, but increased adoption, usage, on-chain action is a must
voted could be a mix of both 1487d
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People paying for increased privacy (e.g. CashShuffling) - would you consider those economic or non-economic transactions?
economic 6 votes · 1,888 satoshis
non-economic 2 votes · 1,000 satoshis
could be a mix of both 3 votes · 0 satoshis
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bought 407 SPICE for 118,030 satoshis (290 each) from 1488d
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Lost ~2.5 BTC last year, tried to claim BSV and dump but the splitting wallet turned out to be a fake one despite fact I got the link from known early adopter.
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That's the thing about -NOT- using cryptocurrency - if there's a major price correction you may regret having too many of them - bought all of my precious metals with crypto with gains
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Holding all my crypto funds at the peak of the bubble in 2017. I should have sold / used some.
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Buying a Blake 2b miner

Siacoin is a scam project, the only ASIC manufacturer for their new algorithm is owned by members of Nebulous, the core dev deam
1489d · Bitcoin Cash
What was your most worst decision in cryptocurrency?

I paid 25 BTC to be a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation ~7 years.
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Thanks! My motivation was to help fix the bitcoin.com testnet faucet, but it appears to have fixed itself. If there is support to rescue these orphaned txs, I'll contact you.
Looking forward to watching videos from the Bitcoin Cash City conference. In need of some positive BCH news for a change. #dailymemo
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Don't feel bad, I knew some of these people before the last big crypto explosion. They'll be asking you for advice on how to get in pretty soon
Hey guys... just getting back in... I tried showing a few coworkers about SLP tokens and BCH ...man did they make me feel bad... very rude.. laughed at me and cryptocurrency all together :(:(:( I felt soooo sad
Looking for someone willing to mine on testnet. There are about 61K orphaned txs that need rescuing. I can write a script to do it, but need to connect my node directly to a mining node.

#dailymemo #bitcoincash
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I've got an S15 I can switch over for a while, never messed around with testnet though. I'd be happy to assist if you let me know how to set it up
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