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I'm never setting a profile pic because I love my space invaders identicon
702d · memo
Memo update released: can now search ranked and new posts. Makes it easy to search for mentions and hashtags. @memo #memo
701d · Bitcoin
Bashco forgot to log into his sockpuppet account...
Countries experiencing hyperinflation:


#BitcoinCash solves this problem and helps millions of people.
Eleni Steinman is the first MVP employee of bloXroute Labs - and as promised, it goes right on the blockchain!
Rock on Eleni!
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>BTC isn't for people who earn less than $2/day

Fixed that for you.

Bitcoin is for everybody :)
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i have to congratulate you, you must be the most active BCH USER on memo, its always a pleasure to see new faces eager to use BCH as much as possible, knowing its fast cheap & reliable
I regularly see people move their preference from BTC to BCH - but i never see anyone change from BCH to BTC
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replied 731d
That's the spirit! Please convince all your BCH hater friends to go and bring down the blockchain by using it!
Gokul NK
740d · Memo Suggestions
Profiles should have most followed and most posts like it is on topics.
"You just wait until it's not full anymore" - Samson Mow

"I'm using the other bus" - Everyone
"Wait - my Lightning Node has to always be online to avoid paying to use the Orange bus?" - Tone Vays
"Wait - I need to pay to get ON the orange bus before I can use the Lightning Network?" - Tone Vays
741d · TxStreet.com
What happened to the temo.com website that showed the Memo Tx/day graph?
Hello, Memo.Cash users.

I run a WordPress blog. Is there any way to add a "follow on memo.cash" button to the website?

I've seen lot's of people get banned on Twitter, and was looking for a free speech alternative.
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That's racist! /s
"The Orange Bus is not meant for those who make $2 a day" - Samson Mow
whoever created txstreet

*T H A N K Y O U*

brilliant :)
741d · TxStreet.com
I'm a cute little person who believes Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin!
741d · Bitcoin Cash
Fun fact: the average time until the next block is mined is ALWAYS 10 mins, even if it's been 5 mins, 30 mins or a year since the last block was mined.
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YES, got it
jumping in and out of memo
and on the bus.....
wwwwahhh look at all those people waiting for the BTC bus,
Hey guys, there's heaps of room over here,
can we help them over?
741d · TxStreet.com
txstreet.com is so incredibly cool! Keep up the good work!
741d · TxStreet.com
@Tom, TxStreet.com is so cool, thanks for that. Memo support is perfect!
I am new to this site, and I already love it. I am a big fan of the BCH community and I like the idea of how this all works. Than you guys for making this an enjoyable social platform!