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sent · 600 sats 10d
Blog post about how the PSF governance could be combined with Agile Scrum methodology.

Join the discussion:
sent · 600 sats 13d
Discussion around PSF governance and funding of projects happening on Telegram and Member. Join in!
sent · 600 sats 16d
$200 per week for a dev to work on cross-blockchain token exchange:
sent · 600 sats 34d
New blog post on the PSF website. A potential roadmap for the organization:

Looking forward to discussing this in our Telegram channel.
sent · 600 sats 42d
I'm really happy to see more PSF token holders using the community feed at! We also have a VIP room on Telegram:
sent · 600 sats 55d
Testing PSF community feed. Test02
sent · 600 sats 55d
sent · 600 sats 55d
PSF now has a VIP Telegram channel. It's public, but only holders of PSF tokens with skin-in-the-game are allowed to speak:
sent · 600 sats 72d
This is trout's new profile:

It is linked with for receiving encrypted private messages.
sent · 600 sats 72d
Send me an encrypted message, Naomi! Use and send it to my address:


I'll reply & send more PSF