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sent · 600 sats 23d
Check out the latest update on the PSF research into uncensorable APIs and web services:
There's a whole thread in Twitter. This is just the tip:

I just found out that my uncle died from a brain aneurysm the day after getting a Covid vaccine.

I don't know what brand. It *could* have been a coincidence. But really???!
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My latest research on building an uncensorable, private API:
My latest research on building an uncensorable, private API:
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If you use bch-js, be sure to check out this tweet:
PSFVOTE0001 voting tokens have been air-dropped to eligible addresses. Voting ends on 2/25 at 8PM UTC. Details:
At our Community Committee meeting today, we discussed the first funding proposal for the quarter:

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More updates to bch-js #JavaScript library for working with #SLP #Tokens. Details will be discussed at the next PSF TSC meeting.
I blogged about this:

I coded this #JavaScript lib:

Chat-app proof-of-concept:

No e2e encryption yet.
Soon, we'll be able to move tokens between ETH, AVAX, BCH, and BCHA. You'll use the best blockchain for your use case, and move tokens based on the use case.

sent · 600 sats 76d now uses Buckets for IPFS pinning. You can host any content on IPFS, and pay for it in BCH. Try it out!
This blog post presents the research I've been doing on building uncensorable APIs, to replace REST APIs:
sent · 600 sats 98d
Blog post about how the PSF governance could be combined with Agile Scrum methodology.

Join the discussion:
sent · 600 sats 101d
Discussion around PSF governance and funding of projects happening on Telegram and Member. Join in!
sent · 600 sats 104d
$200 per week for a dev to work on cross-blockchain token exchange:
Checkout our #JavaScript @GatsbyJS starter for quickly creating your own #BitcoinCash business applications. Customize on top of the basic wallet functions, including SLP tokens and NFTs!

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New blog post on the PSF website. A potential roadmap for the organization:

Looking forward to discussing this in our Telegram channel.
Rough draft for a roadmap for the PSF:

Would love input from #JavaScript developers. Join our Telegram channel:
The recording of the first PSF Community Committee (CommComm) meeting has been posted:
Great article breaking down the different cultural stances taken by the different Bitcoin forks:
The 'File Upload' feature on has a much smoother payment UX now, for paying BCH to pin files on IPFS.
sent · 600 sats 130d
I'm really happy to see more PSF token holders using the community feed at! We also have a VIP room on Telegram: