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4 Reasons to Use Crypto Everyday
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I still don't fully grok it... but love the motivation behind it
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I always enjoy reading about the latest innovations you're cooking up. Really appreciate those more detailed walkthroughs as well!
The YouTube Alternative

Pro-immigration because people should be able to seek a better life.

Pro-freedom because people shouldn't have to leave home to find it.

Pro-crypto because I believe this is the best tool to accomplish these goals.
If you're going to double-mask, please bring a whiteboard and a marker to communicate, because you sound like Kenny from South Park and I can't understand you. 😅
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Looking forward to voting in the next PSF funding proposal round!
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Embedded previews now available - mostly working, check out
for some examples (first lbry link doesn't work for some reason, but the rest are good)
If you profess to love liberty but don't own or use crypto what are you even doing? Why are you hitching yourself to a collapsing government system, giving them the value of your hard work to fund their worst actions?
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Member Is The Real Deal For Free Speech. This 90 Second Explainer Video Explains Why.

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This is cool! Thanks Chris!
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Hi PSF community! testing my new address -Daniel
This is a cool project! Remove the middlemen of scientific publishing & increase funds to surgery around the world with BCH!

#BCH #OneSurgery #Science #humanity #hope