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Looking forward to voting in the next PSF funding proposal round!
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Voting tokens will be air-dropped to PSF token holders on 2/11, and votes will be tallied on 2/25.
At our Community Committee meeting today, we discussed the first funding proposal for the quarter:

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More updates to bch-js #JavaScript library for working with #SLP #Tokens. Details will be discussed at the next PSF TSC meeting.
I blogged about this:

I coded this #JavaScript lib:

Chat-app proof-of-concept:

No e2e encryption yet.
Soon, we'll be able to move tokens between ETH, AVAX, BCH, and BCHA. You'll use the best blockchain for your use case, and move tokens based on the use case.

sent · 600 sats 176d now uses Buckets for IPFS pinning. You can host any content on IPFS, and pay for it in BCH. Try it out!
This blog post presents the research I've been doing on building uncensorable APIs, to replace REST APIs:
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Blog post about how the PSF governance could be combined with Agile Scrum methodology.

Join the discussion:
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Discussion around PSF governance and funding of projects happening on Telegram and Member. Join in!
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Embedded previews now available - mostly working, check out
for some examples (first lbry link doesn't work for some reason, but the rest are good)
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$200 per week for a dev to work on cross-blockchain token exchange:
Checkout our #JavaScript @GatsbyJS starter for quickly creating your own #BitcoinCash business applications. Customize on top of the basic wallet functions, including SLP tokens and NFTs!

If you profess to love liberty but don't own or use crypto what are you even doing? Why are you hitching yourself to a collapsing government system, giving them the value of your hard work to fund their worst actions?
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Member Is The Real Deal For Free Speech. This 90 Second Explainer Video Explains Why.

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If you could only pardon ONE person, who would it be?
Edward Snowden 4 votes · 51,111 satoshis
Ross Ulbricht 6 votes · 13,333 satoshis
Julian Assange 7 votes · 4,096 satoshis


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New blog post on the PSF website. A potential roadmap for the organization:

Looking forward to discussing this in our Telegram channel.