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PSF CommComm meeting 6/16/21:
Summary video on the effectiveness and censorship of Ivermectin.
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6/9/21 PSF Technical Steering Committee Meeting:
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July 2nd 2021 PSF Community Committee meeting video:
4 Reasons to Use Crypto Everyday
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Check out the latest update on the PSF research into uncensorable APIs and web services:
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There's a whole thread in Twitter. This is just the tip:

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I still don't fully grok it... but love the motivation behind it
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I always enjoy reading about the latest innovations you're cooking up. Really appreciate those more detailed walkthroughs as well!
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Anyone else out there have a first-hand account of someone who died shortly after getting the vaccine?
I just found out that my uncle died from a brain aneurysm the day after getting a Covid vaccine.

I don't know what brand. It *could* have been a coincidence. But really???!
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My latest research on building an uncensorable, private API:
My latest research on building an uncensorable, private API:
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The YouTube Alternative

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If you use bch-js, be sure to check out this tweet:
Pro-immigration because people should be able to seek a better life.

Pro-freedom because people shouldn't have to leave home to find it.

Pro-crypto because I believe this is the best tool to accomplish these goals.
If you're going to double-mask, please bring a whiteboard and a marker to communicate, because you sound like Kenny from South Park and I can't understand you. 😅
PSFVOTE0001 voting tokens have been air-dropped to eligible addresses. Voting ends on 2/25 at 8PM UTC. Details:
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Looking forward to voting in the next PSF funding proposal round!
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