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replied 93d
u always make me smile with yr answers bro :)
replied 93d
Of course u can and anyone sees them will pay, thats what they take at the end of the month or every 2 weeks
replied 93d
why u say its difficult, it was so easy to force ppl to stay home.
It was letterly an SMS to their phones
replied 113d
Probably not
replied 113d
No, stupidity will.

Planet is fine.
replied 113d
Yeah bro, not as much tho, good to see u still active and kicking.
Got tired of seeing countless new cults everyday and moronic ideas, more of an observant now
Whats up boys?
I have been away for a while, i dont see BSV cult anymore here, is this a coincidence or they got the fuck out?
replied 113d
whats up bro? been a while :)
replied 355d
last time i saw a similar comment, the whole market collapsed.
Any $BSV cult still around?
haven't seen any of them in a while, getting worried here.
whats up boys?
replied 355d
Blockstream stands for Blocking ppl
replied 474d
u r all over the place, focus on 2 or 3 max and keep adding to them.
How is $BSV cult doing?

replied 489d
replied 494d
This applies to all religions
It's been a while.
How is everybody?
693d · Bitcoin Cash
they dont have the source code, they only have the API details on their github
693d · Bitcoin Cash
I really want to create BitcoinCash block explorer, anyone knows a good source on how to get started?
693d · Translation Helpers
I can help translate some to arabic
702d ·
Coinex website is down, fuck Coinex
replied 719d
Amazon may have more insights because big number of startups user their web services, can u check in alexa, i assume they would have similar figures
replied 720d
it looks promising.
I can see some traffic from Turkey as well, thats nice to know
been a while, I missed
replied 742d
Some suggestions:
New World Money
Control your Money = Control yr life
Only pay for the service u want (No unauthorized hidden fee)
World Digital Economy Reborn
Entrepreneur Wealth