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they dont have the source code, they only have the API details on their github
I really want to create BitcoinCash block explorer, anyone knows a good source on how to get started?
I can help translate some to arabic
Coinex website is down, fuck Coinex
Amazon may have more insights because big number of startups user their web services, can u check in alexa, i assume they would have similar figures
it looks promising.
I can see some traffic from Turkey as well, thats nice to know
been a while, I missed
Some suggestions:
New World Money
Control your Money = Control yr life
Only pay for the service u want (No unauthorized hidden fee)
World Digital Economy Reborn
Entrepreneur Wealth
i am getting the data from in a csv format then plot them myself in excel
dont remember, check , i think it has some estimates on how many transactions u can send per $1
its gonna be awesome
Nope, it has nothing to do with wealth, awareness is a reactive response to whatever resulted from the misuse of natural resources, this applies from the way u cook food to industrial pollution
fucken moron :)

there is no "IF"

It Will Be Successful
dev. still working on making all these 700 or 800 TPS, for now, its kinda slow in generating these transactions, hopefully within few days it will be completed
i think something like 700 or 800 tx
dont try with large amount of BCH, 1 to $2 max is fine for now
this is the script, its not finalized yet and we playing with it, u r welcome to play and report any problems
it will fun to see the stress test actually making a difference, canr wait for September 1st
i love how the chart looks
whats up Homies? have u seen BCH stress test trials, we are just warming up here
The enviest and resentful ppl use compassion and socialist propaganda as a camouflage for their true intend which is to tear down anyone that have more than them, fuck equality of outcome