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Hi everyone! Nice to know that BCH already have its new dapp social media among others.

As does, I like to stay with it and flowed within.

Give me the best instructions! Thanks.
I bought BCH today,holding some USD back incase more dip.I dont mind the term BCash Bcause my name is Brian!I think of it as Brian Cash lol.if they dont like it they can send it 2 me.

Weekly Crypto Recap, August 3 - 10 (AKA "Hijinx and High Tea") we discussed:
Bitcoin Core developer Cory Fields' article about BCH bug.
Markets down
been a while, I missed
Hello everyone!
I have just joined memo. Feeling great to be here and interact with the bitcoin cash community. My colleagues and I are organizing @eatBCHSS and introducing bch to our friends in between our schedules.
Art is the enemy of socialism because art springs from an individual's desire to communicate ideas. Socialist sycophants desire only to crush artists & replace them with propagandists.
it is their political correctness -> STICK WITH THE PARTY LINE BITCH! BCASH! BCASH! BCASH! 🤣
Some suggestions:
New World Money
Control your Money = Control yr life
Only pay for the service u want (No unauthorized hidden fee)
World Digital Economy Reborn
Entrepreneur Wealth
i am getting the data from in a csv format then plot them myself in excel
dont remember, check , i think it has some estimates on how many transactions u can send per $1
its gonna be awesome
I mean:

loyalty is being abused by facebook, twitter, google, ebay... (insert name of other digital giant)
where people give freely, have content used against.

A value, to be valued.
Thank you Google, this is an important step:
Many people mocked Roger Ver for his "Babies are Dying" comment he made in a now famous debate with Samson Mow: Here is his response:
I think we'll all have a much easier understanding of the loony socialist mentality if we just realize that their entire thought process is based on blind hatred of rich people plus paranoia.
I regularly see people move their preference from BTC to BCH - but i never see anyone change from BCH to BTC
You claimed BCH would be gone in months. You clearly don't stand behind that. Now you are making bets out to 2021? LMAO. it completely shows you are full of shit.
Memo is recording on chain your stupidity forever. Watch out!
Just your daily reminder that TAXATION IS THEFT. A claim to value produced by another human being, obtained without their permission, is slavery.
Nope, it has nothing to do with wealth, awareness is a reactive response to whatever resulted from the misuse of natural resources, this applies from the way u cook food to industrial pollution
fucken moron :)

there is no "IF"

It Will Be Successful