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And I think it might have been a really good thing, helping jumpstart civilization not to mention an astonishing accomplishment.
Im becoming convinced that not only Christianity but also protoChristian "Judaism" or ancient Israel was a giant religious psyop perpetrated on humanity by a secret society of philosophers going back to at least Plato
I recommend checking out 'The Hungry Wolf' by X, the strong opener off their third album "Under the Big Black Sun"
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Your platitudes don't make sense. I can be empathetic and understanding while still choosing to be exclusionary.
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Combining ourselves with everyone is not the solution. If we can't find common ground it's okay for us to work separately.
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No thanks, that sounds paralyzing.
Some call secession infeasible while wanting to deport all the US's illegal immigrants.

There are more illegal immigrants in the US than people living in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts combined 🤯
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