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*Most frequent words in opreturn. Nice work! You could break it up on a monthly or even daily basis too. Also get a new API key and don't publish it or someone will take advantage🙃
You should run a simple query to find all opreturns throughout the blockchain and display the topX results in a cloud on your site
However both chains would include the upgraded difficulty adjustment algorithm so the minority chain could technically stay afloat on the back of a single miner using a Motorola 68k
Is there going to be a chain split? If yes, could you explain why you think so or point towards a reference? Thanks 🤙🏼
Sometimes I feel like memo is "the real world" and all those censored platforms are the Matrix. We need to start searching for Neo.
What about (un)SilentSam? 😎
This place is such a good uncensorable & immutable microcosm of online opinion shaping and disinformation. It will make a great study someday ✍🏼
I often wonder if that last gig was a setup to try get me in after hours (requested) and take me out OR to try pin some shit on me in the future. Weird vibes; One of them was a furry FFS. Weird as fuck 🦄
@memo you guys have done a great job with the platform and upgrading feature since day one. Thank you!
Former KGB propagandist explains the current situation:
Waiting for what? Link us. Google would censor that shit
Why do you think that economic growth is the most important aspect of a nation? If 50% of Japan's population was replaced with Giraffes to make more money, would the country benefit?
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What the crypto market feeling right now? Ref:
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Btw, everyone with half a brain knows that the Java source code standard has it wrong, the { should be on a new line, to make is easier to match it with its } counterpart
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I want to see how many people currently use Memo on a day to day basis. Stats page only shows total users. So with that in mind, how often do you visit Memo?
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There were hand held drones (2) hovering outside my bedroom window last Friday night/Saturday morning (2.30am). Totally awesome. STRANGE I think there's instructions to use the web app & extract public keys from the TX API in this thread
It's a pity all these messages will be here forever and you'll go down as the biggest idiot the blockchain has ever seen when Clinton goes to prison but at least you're having fun ✌🏼
echo 51 | xxd -p -r
You can save the site and run it offline
Big tech wants technocracy same as Hitler did so that's no surprise