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Hold on, let me just reorganise...
It's not uncensorable since they can simply rollback anything they don't like because they are the centralised checkpoint authority. You are either a shill or need to go back to school
And easily yank it from there since everyone's mempools are now CTOR ordered and manipulated more easily. Q.E.D
Yeah, the central authority maintains the valid checkpoints so Amaurys nudes (e.g) will never make it into their checkpoints. That's if, of course, they don't spot it in the mempool...
But if someone puts something in the chain that Amaury doesn't like his nudes they'll checkpoint them out. That's impossible in all other Bitcoin implementations 🎅🤷
Is #memo running on Bitcoin these days or ABCensorcoin?
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 44 votes · 10,131 satoshis
BSV 36 votes · 12,029 satoshis

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You mean like the Segwit-esque Mal-Fix in AmauryBitmainCoin's ACTUAL roadmap? Christ some people huh?
ABC Roadmap
You're gonna lose all your money. ABC are planning to censor the contents of the chain with UTXO commitments making pruned chains the default. It's Segwit 2.0 and is gonna fail (again)
ABC stands for "Another Blockstream Company"
They are no longer showing the block sizes
I don't think very many people realize that if Jihan does not come in to defend's blocks they'll lose every single satoshi they mined today.

Also BTC difficulty will adjust in about 20 hours. #hashwar

Pre divergence transaction between torrents!
Yes they add DSV coins which are not compatible to the proposed other side of the split therefore the service is not a splitter but a nefarious service which will lose people their SV coins. QED
The faucet doesn't separate it just locks coins to ABC though
Could someone do it quickly? New accounts are shadow banned. This is war, put on your war face 😠
Needs to be pointed out to people because they'll lose all their potential Bitcoins if they use it. It's done completely in bad faith. I'd call it out were it not that I have no Reddit account
There's a sticky post at the top of r/btc that is giving out advice that people can split their coins by using a faucet. However the faucet merely taints the wallet with DSV coins so this...
Satoshi created BCH 🤙🏼
Greasy Frenchman, always knew he was up to tricks 🕵️