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For reference: "Are you ready for the revolution?"

"This is it, it's now or ever" - 22yr bar

We will do it again no problem you fucking scumbags. If you think you're going to get away with it you are factually wrong
Per vias rectas abnormis
Please Lord, let Gough's colon become less inflamed and may he have an incredibly quick recovery. Amen 🙏🏼
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So god damned tired ugghhhhhhhh
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Poisoned pint V2, good looking for a CIA agent. Bring back the German though holy Christ 😍
Are you lads for real, does it all fall on me? They're still trying to kill me ffs
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What is the count now? 4/5/6? Pathetic
Send the best Matt Damon
And I'll send him home
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What is the count now? 4/5/6? Pathetic
Send the best Matt Damon
And I'll send him home
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Disregard all /pol talk, running your own intelligence agency for your own survival affects minds (would you believe)? You won't kill my friends you fucks. FUCK YOU, U R fucked. 😂
The last one wore black rimmed glasses.
I trusted cant find any data you have i desire to Emancipation also a portion of men.
+442039361663 "Hello, may I please speak to Freddie
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The WhatsApp contact export which preceded your pathetic (and lucrative) disclosure didn't even contain all my mates. So FUCK you anyway. Someone get TK to contact me
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This emojimare ought to rile them right up. Éirinn go brách 🇮🇪
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The Republic of England 🏴
Finally, somebody let me out of my cage
He fucking misses the first shot
Fumble, to you? To me? 🤦😨
"Will we survive? That depends on you."
Checkpoints to the point of solidifying ABC hold on the protocol means it is not longer Bitcoin. Roger and Jihan are at the mercy of Amaury. That’s developer centralization , just like Core.