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Programmer (Currently learning to develop on BCH), causal-realist economics, anarcho-capitalist.

Currently interested in Bitcoin Cash, Nano, IOTA, Monero, and Ethereum.


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Animal Farm now lives on the BCH blockchain!

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Democratic Socialist platform is riddled with ethical and economic flaws.
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Competition must exists, communist in my country eliminated all competition from the market, leaving just only national products, but people wants to be part of globalization.
803d · Capitalism
But comrade, competition is the opiate of the masses! /s
803d · Capitalism
Any collective attempting to drive up the value of labor would instantly be undermined by a non-member.
804d · Capitalism
If membership was voluntary, Unions wouldn't really be effective. Which is probably a good thing.
804d · Bitcoin Cash
I hope to be proven wrong, but Bitcoin Cash will never be fungible. Only systems like Monero do this. Fungibility is a serious threat to Bitcoin, that no one in the BCH community takes serious
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Petition to free Ross Ulbricht passed 7,500 signatures. Let's get it to 10,000!
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To add to that, man holds a cash balance to prepare for uncertainty.
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Love Bitcoin. Don't live in Bulgaria. Will move there if you want.
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I keep an all-in-one rigged to a car battery strapped on my back whenever I leave the house. A real man uses nothing less than a full node.
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I tried explaining this to him earlier, but maybe you'll get through to him.
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The reason banks could issue so much debt with fiat, gold, silver, salt, seashells is because paper IOUs are easier to use. BCH IOUs are not easier to use than BCH.
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I dont think anyone would use LN unless they had to. Best case scenario, LN sucks.
"LN is not P2P e-cash, it's banking 2.0"
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Are we able to like our own comments here? I am testing it out.
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