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It has a 1% service fee
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With a custodial wallet?!
Lovin' these honest ads by the "Australien" government

· 109d
Anyone still saying "Trump defended nazi's" at this point, is just lying to themselves & everyone around them. Victims and perpetrators of pure Agitprop.

· 130d
Cheney was never indicted.

Bush was never indicted.

Bolton was never indicted.

Mattis was never indicted.

Revealing crime is more dangerous than committing crime.
How To Understand Lightning Network Payments
replied · 201d
how about letting blockspace producers decide what they include in blocks and at what cost (we cant know yet if its stupid or not).
You can now upload files to BSV blockchain using a file on the BSV blockchain!!!
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I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)
quick note: Cash Accounts just entered beta - go test it at - public, decentralized, open aliasing system for all. :)
meeting @memo's Jason,
a highlight of the conference.

Putting faces to names
and hearing the direction of this platform

Spicy Chat | Ryan X. Charles, Amaury Séchet and Justin Bons | BCH Devcon Amsterdam 2018
Good Morning and greeting from Tibet. The roof of the world. May the happiness and joyous spread all arounds you.
Jordan Peterson was asked to describe Trump in one word, he chose the word "anomaly". I quite like that choice of word. He is quite difficult to understand/predict.
Someone is voting Memes to the top:
It only goes to show the power of voting bots who overpower real users. Reddit is a terrible platform, almost as bad as Twitter.
Okay - trying out MemoButton:
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I'm not impressed by too many people, but this guy is incredibly intelligent. I'll be keeping an eye on him from now on. is your source for anti-war news views and activities. Our site is updated constantly with original content and news from other sources detailing the warfare state.
Because it becomes another transaction on BCH and I want to help BCH transaction volume grow as much as I possibly can :)
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and to be clear, I dont hate anyone for the cryptos they hold.If you disagree I respect your right to hold what you like,free market,I just have an aversion to it personally