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BCH: 372331-371602=729 memo txs. num of txs📉9.2%, account for 1.5% of all BCH txs(48964)
BSV: 744519-744094=425 memo txs, num of txs📉11.1%, stress testing on BSV(24164)
Would it be possible to have private messaging on Memo? 😊
Now I uninstalled the Facebook Messenger app from my phone. Great times ahead.
This vid gives a nice overview of modern day war mongering:

Makes me cringe that the same crap still works.

#Propaganda #War #2LeggedCancer
In a fundamentally unstable Universe it's pretty dumb to believe in stablecoins.
Have you heard about "entropy"?
Ponder the number of idiots currently existing (~6Bn). Imagine them living forever. :D
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Stop spamming
This is how an average (aka: retarded) serf thinks about p2p money currently:

#p2pMoney #GrowingPains
Two days ago I managed to have a conversation with a guy in Hungarian. So proud! 😀😎💪
Monday Memo!

I hope you all spent this Easter well, and Happy Earth Day to the environmentalists among us. Nothing like making a gesture as small as planting a tree or two, not to mention walking instead of driving!
The internet is the nemesis of every procrastinator.
Highly important feature request: post tagging, like "NSFW" or "spoiler", these posts would require the user to click or tap to show the content
Artificially induced sleep deprivation is also a very good tool of life reduction.
The Wikileaks archive can be accessed directly from

The archive can be downloaded via torrent:

Below are steps to help syndicate the archive over IPFS.
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#dailymemo: follow this thread to help syndicate the wikileaks archive.
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Updated numbers are 106 BCH or $32000... Wow. I love this community :D
Host a BitcoinCash full node if you can

#DailyMemo #BitcoinCash
1786 BCH / 507,224 USD shuffled last week
stats page is live :

Current favourite things to use with Bitcoin Cash

2. Cash Shuffle
3. Spending
4. with badger. Gameplay is phenomenal!

Seeing the BTC maxis go mental over the @bitcoin handle is wildly entertaining. These people do not like having their ideas challenged. Insecure NPCs. #weareallbitcoin #dailymemo
Why are there no merchants in Greece that accepts BCH? The love cash and hate credit cards (due to high fees) and it should be a no-brainer to accept crypto. #dailymemo