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Continuing work on a rebellion-themed campaign. Still working on the initial adventure, but its been fun; a change in pace to what I normally do. Having the Braveheart soundtrack on repeat is helping a ton :D #DnD
Almost finished creating some Egyptian-inspired undead monsters (think Warhammer Tomb Kings). Will hopefully get them up to my OB store soon! #DnD
Managed to get a good lead in terms of prepared content adventure-wise, so taking a break to rework/update my world map, something I've been meaning to do for ages! #DnD
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With the cultists on the brink of defeat, the group were forced to enact a frantic escape from the collapsing church as the fire consumed it #DnD
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Things culminated in a tense melee with several cultists in the main worship hall who had set evidence of their misdeeds ablaze #DnD
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Eventually bashing their way in, the group found a shrine dedicated to dragon worship in the depths of the church, along with many slain acolytes #DnD
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Leaving the guards go, the group quickly hurried down a hidden, underground tunnel whereupon they found their progress blocked by a barricaded door #DnD
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The guards retreated, with an emotionless countenance. At the same time, smoke was spotted above the Church #DnD
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After a heated discussion, the group's paladin drew his sword and struck down one of the guards as both parties looked on... #DnD
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At the same time, their attempts to gain entry to the church were rebuffed, leading to a standoff with the guards when they returned to the ruined tavern
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After setting fire to the tavern to aid their escape, the group returned, managing to uncover the passage from the rubble while avoiding the ire of the city guard #DnD
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Talking about Dungeons & Dragons
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Took a few hours messing around with drivers and reinstalling everything, but now it's all back working, so hurray for that! ^_^
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Very impressed with the speeds, I knew it would give an improvement, but windows boots *so fast* now
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Was worried about the Windows 10 license, but in the end it was no problem at all, validated itself once I logged in and that was that
Finally got around to buying a SSD, took it as a sign when one of my older HDDs starting giving SMART warnings