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Writing some D&D after a long hiatus over Christmas. Feels nice to get back into the groove of things... if only I can remember where I left off with all my adventure threads :D
Having a super time getting back into WoW Classic
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Totally agree, I think the 2nd one is generally better is most areas, especially the depth of the combat system
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Recently got my hands on a PS3, been having a great playing a bunch of legacy PS2 games, Prince of Persia, Maximo, Ratchet & Clank, all so much fun!
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... and some more:
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Quality content from my groups chat:
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New article from The Angry GM ( Very excited to give this a go at my table!
Fantastic article from The Angry GM ( Very excited to integrate Morale into my custom monsters and give this a go at the table! #DnD
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Listening to some absolutely banging techno right now:
Had the great idea of turning my Inuit-style warriors from humans into Halflings. With their smaller size, Halflings would be a great fit in the frozen climate of the north, able to stay warmer easier #DnD
Continuing work on a rebellion-themed campaign. Still working on the initial adventure, but its been fun; a change in pace to what I normally do. Having the Braveheart soundtrack on repeat is helping a ton :D #DnD
Almost finished creating some Egyptian-inspired undead monsters (think Warhammer Tomb Kings). Will hopefully get them up to my OB store soon! #DnD
Managed to get a good lead in terms of prepared content adventure-wise, so taking a break to rework/update my world map, something I've been meaning to do for ages! #DnD
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With the cultists on the brink of defeat, the group were forced to enact a frantic escape from the collapsing church as the fire consumed it #DnD
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Things culminated in a tense melee with several cultists in the main worship hall who had set evidence of their misdeeds ablaze #DnD
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Eventually bashing their way in, the group found a shrine dedicated to dragon worship in the depths of the church, along with many slain acolytes #DnD
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Leaving the guards go, the group quickly hurried down a hidden, underground tunnel whereupon they found their progress blocked by a barricaded door #DnD
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The guards retreated, with an emotionless countenance. At the same time, smoke was spotted above the Church #DnD