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Continuing work on a rebellion-themed campaign. Still working on the initial adventure, but its been fun; a change in pace to what I normally do. Having the Braveheart soundtrack on repeat is helping a ton :D #DnD
Almost finished creating some Egyptian-inspired undead monsters (think Warhammer Tomb Kings). Will hopefully get them up to my OB store soon! #DnD
Managed to get a good lead in terms of prepared content adventure-wise, so taking a break to rework/update my world map, something I've been meaning to do for ages! #DnD
Finally got around to buying a SSD, took it as a sign when one of my older HDDs starting giving SMART warnings
Doing up some complications/random encounters for an upcoming ophidian-themed adventure. Helped a load by The Angry GM's thoughts on the subject: #DnD
Super fun session after a long break thanks to Christmas. This time the party decided to tail a potential smuggling operation before confronting them in a back alley. #DnD
Going to spend this evening coming up with festivals/holidays for the different deities in my world #D&D
New post on TheAngryGM - - How to write a holiday-themed D&D adventure
Looking at buying some new dice to treat myself for a solid year's DMing:
Have a great idea about a potential new D&D campaign (just as I'm in the middle in writing another ofc). Getting a list of movies together to watch for inspiration/ideas
Group 1 - Session 18 - Individually, the group traversed escaped the clutches of a monster, started a bar brawl, and gave a hefty donation to the local church; all before managing to reunite! #DnD
Giving myself a proper chance to get into Total War Medieval 2. Have tried it a few times and play other games in the series like Warhammer quite a bit, but Medieval 2 has always alluded me.
Saw Paula Temple last night, great set. Would recommend to anyone who likes driving, fast-paced techno!
Alright time to draw some encounter maps! #DnD
Currently re-watching the Unknown War, super WW2 documentary focusing on the German v Russian conflict, would recommend!
Had a good session, forgot my battle-mat but was able to jury-rig a replacement using notebook paper and sellotape. A shorter session but very much action packed as the party finds itself split up #DnD
As a DM, what is your preferred method of handling experience? (Milestones, XP etc.) As a player, do you have a preference?
Prepping for my D&D game this afternoon, even though I've looked over the content a few times, I still find that each time I tweak things (hopefully for the better)
Creating a topic to discuss all things related to D&D!
Reworking the traps for an upcoming dungeon I'll be running... Felt they didn't make an impact at all last time I ran a group through
[D&D 5E]] Making some great progress with a set of modified cultist stats for an adventure I'm running shortly.