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tipped 100 SPICE 578d
Memo, I updated my resume yesterday and applied for a few new jobs today since leaving my gig. Put good juju in the ether and wish me luck.
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They are like the homeless in south park.
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Just some sats for whatever, given unconditionally.
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sent · 1,000 sats 581d
Beware, I realize that many people are making some new profiles to try to take advantage of your generosity.
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581d · CelticsWinAirDrop
Updated BCH logo
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583d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
Today's drop is 5 million satoshis!
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tipped 10,000 HONK 593d
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where is this party though . . .
tipped 10,000 HONK 594d
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Whoa! What a lineup!😂
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amazing rs
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v. cool
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Nice work!
tipped 10,000 HONK 602d
Hey guys...its my birthday...
tipped 10,000 HONK 606d
Added a couple more airdrops to the website. Will be picking 20 random SOUR holders to get 1000 SPICE 🌶️each on Halloween - Oct. 31st!
#BCH #SLP #memo
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An easier way to give and recieve toekns is just tip the tokens of your choice to this reply. Selct the little star and pick token you would like to share 😉😘
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tipped 100 SOUR 609d
Ok so yea...i can see a need for a weed token....its fun.. Already has that "pass that shit " vibe going on...
tipped 1,000 HONK 612d
I would avoid the sushi if I was you. It’s a little fishy.
tipped 20 SOUR 615d
Feels good to contribute to the BCH community!
tipped 20 SOUR 615d
tipped 20 SOUR 615d
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You should be hosting this on Github and then mask it with this domain
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Increased my default tip - reply to this message for some sats
"erc20 token"
everyone join our private sale
after that
listing in shit market
price suck 0.0000000000000000000000000001
you lose