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hi BCH how's it going
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oh ok sorry my mistake you've convinced me /s
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You don't understand how patents work in the world today. It's a defensive weapon. No technology company can exist without a defensive patent portfolio. You're asking them to just die.
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wow is that like, really what people think? they think bsv is going away any moment and their shitfork is continuing ... wow
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I'm an anarchist btw-- I just have enough sense to know that the way to promote something isn't to run into the street yelling, "This is anarchist! It's good for committing crimes!" :/
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Yeah, keep insulting us by saying that we comply with the deeply popular rules of normal society-- say that again to the crowd of potential users please, how yours is better for crime.
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It looks like you created a poll but there are no options. Was there an error?
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yup i guess that was an error! the options were supposed to be ":)" ":|" and ":("
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just use regular bitcoin instead of that random amateur fork
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so i guess i'm just going to post on bsv from now on, how does that make you feel
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I m also new user ;)
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Welcome to Memo faucet!

Tip me to fill the faucet and keep Memo free for new users!
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yay awesome news! we'd better increase the block size limit, we made it already! 256mb here we come! :D
hi, friends, I m Ahsan new in your community please guide me
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hello! :)
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lol :/
Hello. I'm not exactly sure how this works :)
I'm Ben and I'm from the United Kingdom. I think this technology looks extremely interesting.

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Balance is now displayed in the header
i feel kinda freaked out now every time i see a lightning bolt logo which uh is pretty frequently which now that i think about it means that's a pretty shitty logo, it wouldn't uniquely mean LN even if it were popular
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work how for who? it works as designed as a sink for popular outrage.. it's not democracy, which is when the people decide.. deciding which rich person to empower is called aristocracy
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cool idea! does it let you know when responding how much you'd have to tip to be noticed?