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369d · memo chess
@vidteks we can use this topic to keep track of open challenges
replied 456d
here you go: https://www.scribd.com/document/372445141/Exhibit-11
I cannot guarantee this document is the original court documents.
replied 624d
Our statement is here: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
628d · BCH Speculation
How is my crypto portfolio performing you ask?
637d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
Incase anyone is wondering, TxStreet is running BU and following the ABC chain right now.
replied 641d
Great idea! This is on the roadmap.
replied 642d
"totally_asinine" -> "🌱e_xx_tra🌱" -> "e🌱xx🌱tra"
replied 642d
643d · Bitcoin Cash
If a significant portion of active community wants to hold off changes and >50% of miners don’t want changes, ABC pushing forward hard is my issue.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 646d
You're not understanding me. ABC wants to be THE permenant go-to dev team like you're saying. But if they are, that means BCH is no better than BTC.
647d · Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin ABC is acting like an entitled brat in the upcoming hashwar, minority hash implementation do not get to dictate protocol changes.
650d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
Good test from @Cryptogrampa just now! I put a new feature that is sending the tx twice in two different nodes. So, we can see this working now.
647d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
@esthon huge thanks for your time and effort working on txblaster.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 647d
h5 - g4
Sk8eM dUb
replied 648d
TIME OUT, I replayed from the beginning and that knight is definitely dead. We can play out both boards if you want. Np either way
replied 649d
🤖 1 BCH = 542.89$ 📈 9.70%
Tips = fuel️
649d · Bitcoin Cash
Coingeek + SVpool + okminer + bmg pool have over 51% for a week now. If hashpower sees no "counterattack", they will have majority hash. But they still can't attack ABC at the same time
650d · Bitcoin Cash
It’s not over yet. BitcoinSV miners have enough hashpower to rewrite the ABC chain all the while maintaining hashpower to protect BitcoinSV.
Finally made the switch to BCH after extensive research. Traded all my remainder BTC for BCH today.
replied 651d
Yes, you can start the blaster by tipping txBlaster2 memo user, also you can start sending bch in https://playBCH.cash site. Everything is reported in the memo topic: txBlaster2_bot!
Sk8eM dUb
replied 652d
I don't know man, they got a pretty good majority going and I haven't heard a declaration of war from any challengers who actually have any hashing power. Popcorn either way!
652d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
Yes, and we identified a simple error that needs to be fixed that we decrease the error rate.
replied 652d
Memo is bloom filter compatible, so it should be possible to build a lite client with a decent amount of functionality.
652d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
So far 450k tx!
652d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
BCH network gobbled up those txns pretty swiftly this time