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Our statement is here: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
How is my crypto portfolio performing you ask?
Incase anyone is wondering, TxStreet is running BU and following the ABC chain right now.
Great idea! This is on the roadmap.
"totally_asinine" -> "🌱e_xx_tra🌱" -> "e🌱xx🌱tra"
a couple of other things to worry about ATM
If a significant portion of active community wants to hold off changes and >50% of miners don’t want changes, ABC pushing forward hard is my issue.
i mean that it seems i can reply with that and your queen is dead . . .
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You're not understanding me. ABC wants to be THE permenant go-to dev team like you're saying. But if they are, that means BCH is no better than BTC.
Bitcoin ABC is acting like an entitled brat in the upcoming hashwar, minority hash implementation do not get to dictate protocol changes.
Good test from @Cryptogrampa just now! I put a new feature that is sending the tx twice in two different nodes. So, we can see this working now.
@esthon huge thanks for your time and effort working on txblaster.
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voted on poll Bitcoin · 106 days ago
If SV wins the hash war, what will you call that coin?
Bitcoin 28 votes · 2,365 satoshis
an attack on Bitcoin 3 votes · 1,000 satoshis

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at this point i castled thinking i had a phantom knight protecting that bishop. sorry!! shall we take it up from here? it would make the most sense. e5 - d6
yes there is a mistake!! i come out of that xchange losing. i'll take the fall and post again. BTW i am away from my board using this https://lichess.org/editor