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unfollowed topic Memes · 1 day ago
Wait a minute, I'll send soon... Thank you!
@esthon @ 79b79aa8, here is my public key for 2 of 3 wallet. xpub661MyMwAqRbcEepZqJvJN8C1WyJ1C9YPpP85SMiPT7APimwYJ2f2r81eg7AYLG5H8rmuw64xYfZf8atuPtnHZPyxnXwjhvzkZi88D3tYf36
In cahoots is not the proper nomenclature dude. We say "regulatory capture".
the goal is still to do a test run of the Collect bot on or before nov. 1. then a bigger test can be advertised and money collected. plenty of ppl. interested in testing.
here is my public key, share yours.
it's not foolproof but covers your back a bit. electron cash gives you a way to create a multisig wallet, i started a 2x3
@esthon ok, i thought we'd set up a 2x3 multisig with you, hoarder and myself, to try it out. on the eve of the test you + one of us can move the $ back to the bot.
@esthon @BitcoinCashHoarder are we going to move Collect's funds to a multisig address? we prob. need to know how to do that before attempting a big >40 BCH test.
try r/btc.
i meant stress-test infrastructure (e.g. a better escrow system for Collect's funds)
we can reach out for BCH, with increasing success if tests themselves are successful. but infrastructure needs to be ready first.
Thank you @Cryptogrampa for your tip of 100,000 satoshis. The balance now is 0.26074268 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
d8 - d4
using electron cash -- create a new multisig wallet
on the contrary, the BTC spread on finex is looking very worrisome. heading SOUTH.
let's try it. here is my public key for a 2x3 address. share yours.
Me too, I'm afraid the bear market can last 1 year more. BTC is still overvalued.
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· 7 days ago
poll showed slight preference for nov. 1
It’s working again including external wallet transfers.
haha we mean 2x3
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· 8 days ago
a simple option is 3x2 with Collect and two volunteers. but when we go out looking for >50 BCH something more clever seems preferable.
this will allow precise parameters for the bigger test -- under the assumption that, with enough planning, the necessary BCH can be collected.
it seems what we most want to learn from this test is how many txs/min the bot sends. then we'll know, given a certain amount of BCH, how many txs will be sent over what period.