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let's review. (1) we agreed to test the Collect bot on nov 1. (2) the bot appears to work well and is accruing BCH. (3) funds need to be moved to a multisig address for security.
10 days to Nov. 1 (tentative date for testing the Collect bot). more info on the txBlasterCollect topic.
the goal is still to do a test run of the Collect bot on or before nov. 1. then a bigger test can be advertised and money collected. plenty of ppl. interested in testing.
@esthon ok, i thought we'd set up a 2x3 multisig with you, hoarder and myself, to try it out. on the eve of the test you + one of us can move the $ back to the bot.
@esthon @BitcoinCashHoarder are we going to move Collect's funds to a multisig address? we prob. need to know how to do that before attempting a big >40 BCH test.
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Which date would you prefer to test the txBlasterCollect bot (currently accumulating funds):
October 15, 2018 2 votes · 0 satoshis
November 1, 2018 3 votes · 0 satoshis

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when we have a date i'll announce among BU members and i expect we can come up with the money quickly.
OK - we more or less have a plan: a ~2BCH test of the bot -- a metatest if you want. I'll set up a poll to see if we decide on Oct. 15 or Nov. 1.
2. did you decide on a threshold / stress test date? 3. how much BCH do you want the bot to hold maximum? 4. should we test the bot by setting a low threshold on a first run?
@esthon it's working great! some questions / requests: 1. could you update bot profile to include its associated BCH address (in order not to have to go look for it)?
trex is delisting BTG. does someone have pic of adam back's tweet pumping bitcoin gold?
(this is obviously different from having every person send their own txs, which is kind of fun, but also less controlled).
with a tusted third party
@esthon wrt to setting a new test date -- don't you prefer @BitcoinCashHoarder's idea? first secure the money, then test. for simplicity, we could set up an escrow address
seems hard to raise 11.5BCH in < 2 days. and wouldn't the bot need a different interface to handle the money?
how much BCH is needed for 5 million txs?
@esthon are you keeping stats of how much BCH is flowing through the bots?
shouldn't money button be on memo?
might as well deflate fully
f8 - e7