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· 173d · Medicine
How does it do this?
· 173d · Medicine
This one blows my mind! This climbing plant can literally mimic the leaves of its supporting tree. V is climbing plant, T is supporting tree.
· 173d · Medicine
· 173d · Medicine
· 298d · Medicine
Most racist/homophobic/nationalistic problems have one common educational/scientific source: People don't understand statistical randomness, normal distribution and evolutionary theory.
· 326d · Medicine
· 326d · Medicine
Robert Liston was a competent surgeon who could amputate a leg in two minutes. However one day he achieved the impossible. With a single surgery he had a 300% mortality rate.How is this possible?
replied · 395d
How about:
Distributing a tx with a fee and your ip address (in OP_RETURN). Then the server whitelists this ip for x hours? Could this work?
· 395d · Medicine
Iron lung. The first mechanical ventilator. It's function is closer to the physiology campared to the modern machines.
· 395d · Medicine
· 408d · CashID
Could this be a solution to ddos attacks? Requiring a Satoshi to login would make ddos attacks pretty expensive.
· 442d · Medicine
For more photos search "baby cage"
· 442d · Medicine
Dr. Luther Emmett Holt's theory about "airing" children (1894) taken to the extreme (photo 1934)
· 468d · Medicine
Coca leaf tea, delicious! people says that is drug, but its medicine
replied · 447d
It seems you're more into the theme, let me know what you think.
replied · 447d
Resistent bacteria loose their resistance genes once you remove the antibiotic.
So what I meant is we filter out real noise.
replied · 447d
Circumstances that could be critical for your survival. But a feature that is not used becomes a bug in evolutionary terms.
replied · 447d
Imagine we could see beyond our visible spectrum. γ waves, radiowaves, everything. Would it be good,or would it just distract you? Of course we can find circumstances where it is good
replied · 447d
I agree with your whole memo storm. But I would set it differently: Evolution filters out noise. Noise that is real but most of the time useless.
replied · 451d
...will you be more competitive in natural selection if X? seems like this can depend on lots of things
replied · 453d
Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is?
replied · 453d
Not true. An accurate representation of reality districts you from things that matter. So it's against survival.
replied · 459d
I meant
· 459d is a trading/ crypto oriented website.
Sadly they wish some kind of subscription.
Use Google cache to bypass it.

Same with
replied · 468d
I mean the skin colour discriminations. The main biological reason we have different skin colours is vit D synthesis, wich actually should not lead to discriminations.