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any politician in memo?
I like Milei, candidate for the presidential elections in Argentina. two emblematic phrases "long live freedom damn" and "we must separate the money from the state" goods, good things for Argentina and BCH grows there
The economy in Venezuela is really a catastrophe due to the corruption of the regime, certainly BCH has saved me and some other people who, with a strong hand, fought for mass adoption in my country.
thank you so much
In fact most people in Bitcoin neighborhood had assumed that they used BTC and it has always been BCH just for the fact that I always told them it was Bitcoin.
wow we have grown
Imagine a world where governments have to ask citizens for money and must pitch the projects they want funding for.
I stopped referring to BCH as bitcoin cash and unconsciously call it Bitcoin simply because it is what it is and the mind accepts it as it should be
3d · Universal Basic Income Token
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It has hit us hard but we are constant. If someone wants to explain to us how to implement a flipstarter we will be very grateful, we are not asking for money, just knowledge.
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We have tried to make a flipstarter to finance the little we need to achieve our goal of creating an educational institution about BCH in Aragua, Venezuela, mainly in Barrio Bitcoin.
We only need $30 to pay for the internet service through fiber optics for the Bitcoin neighborhood, I hope it flows from here in the afternoon to continue our work
The wealth of the world will never be distributed equitably, there will always be poor people and that entails the total destruction of humanity, even in a thousand years.
It's 2023 - still doesn't have 2FA
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I found a sign passing through the Darien Gap in Colombia on the border with Panama that said "wild is not the one who lives in nature, wild is the one who damages it"
If you give up when things start to get difficult you will never achieve anything in life.
BCH is the real bitcoin... BSV is not even heard of and BTC is only possible for large transactions
Within the Bitcoin neighborhood, the use of BCH is already common, especially thanks to the people interested in this project reaching the entire world, our investors and active users.

Are you excited for April 2023 having?
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