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The problem with my self is I can't figure out what is really my passion. Doing what I love will probably help me to succeed. I don't need to waste my time anymore. I have to decide what is best for me.
The more we get, The less we have. To be greedy is not a good habit. That will only destroy the beauty of this world.
Crypto is fun to explore as it offers a variety of ways to earn and invest for. This is called the modern era of digital assets. I know there are many platforms that can help us earn for free, keep on searching☺️.
My internet is still terrible, and I am waiting for it to improve so I can interact on memocasch more continuously.
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I also find the idea of taking care of our health through what we eat fascinating.
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So many choices and information to best meet a healthy diet. I've been following this thread and find it fascinating https://snake-io.io
Even though things in life don't go the way we want, we must not lose faith that at some point everything will get better.
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Eating healthy is beneficial for our overall health, if we eat healthy we will be happier and we rarely get sick
Healthy food helps us in various spheres of life. Healthy food does not only impact our physical health but also mental health too. When we intake healthy fruits, vegetables,fish,meat that are full of nutrients.
Good morning everyone, I hope that today is another day to enjoy the benefits of our land, that today is a day to be grateful and smile.
What would it be like to live a healthier, more productive and energetic life?
At Dr. Park Acupuncture we not only treat the symptoms, but also work with you to identify

Where I live yesterday there was a very strong breeze, which knocked down trees and there was also a lot of thunder, people were scared, but then everything calmed down. They say that after the storm comes calm.

Tuyo or Dried Fish, one if the local product of the Philippines. Best for vinegar and fried rice. Mostly consume in breakfast.
Although I don't own many cryptocurrencies, I get very excited when I see the market in green, because when this happens investors are encouraged and that makes more people join the crypto market.
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That is normal, human beings sometimes tend to get tired and the time comes to be lazy, but then that laziness will disappear.
I am feeling so lazy this day. I am not so productive. What a wasted day of mine.
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I almost don't post due to Internet failures. I hope that Memo Casch is again as you describe it.
We are only few posting here. So sad to see this happening. I miss the days when memo is a happy place.
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It is true that life takes many turns, it is necessary to understand that one day we are down, another day we can be up.
Never make fun of a person's economic situation, life takes many turns and your mental poverty will be noticeable.
Good afternoon everyone, I'm still a little sad 😢 about my grandfather's departure, but with the consolation of having shared many experiences with him.
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That is true and my grandfather's time has come and I am left with the wonderful things that I shared with him.
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We all have an ephemeral passage through this life. The important thing is the moments you spent with him and the love.
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Thank you, they are sad moments in life that we must accept with Valentia.
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please accept my condolences and stay strong for him