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replied to post by Coolzero
· 3 days ago
Sorry, the receiver node went down for a bit. Your post should be visible now.
Memo SV site had an outage today. It is resolved now.
Our statement is here: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
Twitter and Giphy are also supported.
replied to post by homopit
· 22 days ago
Our recommendation is to not split coins, but we support your freedom to choose :)
replied to post by homopit
· 22 days ago
Thanks for reporting. Looking into it.
posted · 22 days ago in memo
How Memo is handling the BCH fork: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
replied to post by Kain_niaK
· 28 days ago
Re-orgs aren't an issue, having two separate chains is what needs to be dealt with.
Actually the opposite, Memo still doesn't support split-coins.
replied to post by ChainXOR
· 30 days ago
Unfortunately all funding transactions are currently disabled. We will hopefully have things more sorted out in the next day or two.
posted · 30 days ago in memo
We are still assessing the situation and determining the best path forward. Our short-term plan is to support both ABC and SV as best we can.
Transactions are broadcast to both networks.
replied to post by Fnuller15
· 31 days ago
Currently funding transactions are not supported until the fork is sorted out.
replied to post by Tritonio
· 31 days ago
Changes are usually announced in this topic. You can also check posts by this account.
replied to post by Tom
· 31 days ago
Currently split coins are not supported.
Sorry, there were a few more site issues this evening, caused by some bugs in the memo code. Site should hopefully be stable now.
All transactions are broadcast to both chains.
replied to post by scriptSig
· 32 days ago
Memo site is running into some issues related to the fork. Doing what I can to keep the site alive.
Great idea! This is on the roadmap.
Thanks for checking in. Probably will be at least a month or two, got some other higher priority items at the moment.
replied to post by gr3k
· 41 days ago
You can export your private key and import it into a wallet like Electrum to access the BTC.
I'm not sure people would react well to a feature that allowed someone to be censored all the time. Especially on a platform that advertises itself as uncensorable :P
What if someone paid to constantly censor someone else?
Down voting will probably get added to memo protocol eventually. I think positive reinforcement leads to better communities though. What do you mean by paid public censoring?