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· 9h · memo
New token market cap page!
· 1d · Memo
Token balances are now visible on profile and account pages
· 2d · memo
Token exchange now supports instant buys!

Thanks for the suggestions!
· 11d · memo
Token exchange updated! This should fix offers getting cancelled unintentionally.
· 13d · memo
Lots learned from first day of token exchange. Many updates planned!
· 14d · memo
· 14d · memo
Interesting, #dailymemo is the most popular hash tag on Memo. Great work!

· 14d · memo
Memo now supports exchanging tokens!

· 19d · memo
New customizable activity feed: https://memo.cash/activity You can configure the activity feed using the dropdown on top.

· 21d · memo
It is also now easier to view token activity on the token sends page, e.g. https://memo.cash/token/271045cebbfac88ff91ad7cb3fd4c50a4f9d6523b81a49183214c75665a2363c
· 21d · memo
Tokens are now supported on Memo SV as well
· 22d · Memo
Token decimal issues should be resolved now :)
· 23d · Memo
You can now easily send tokens to other users using the Send link in their mini profile!
· 23d · Memo
Sending tokens or bitcoin has been merged into a single form: https://memo.cash/send
· 24d · memo
Here is some additional info on token support: https://memo.cash/token-support
· 24d · memo
Beta token support has been added. Use at your own risk. Please report any bugs :)
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Which is your preferred denomination?
Bitcoin - 100 million satoshis 19 votes · 8,888 satoshis
Microbitcoin (mBXX) - 1 million satoshis 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Bits - 1,000 satoshis 14 votes · 1,234 satoshis
Satoshis 19 votes · 42,228 satoshis

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· 54d · memo
If you're looking for more to do on Memo, check out Topics! They are essentially chat rooms and have lots of great discussion.
· 55d · memo
Lots of great input on what features to work on next!
· 55d · memo
What new features would people like to see most?
· 56d · memo
CashAddr format is now supported in the send feature: https://memo.cash/send
Also a reminder to use strong passwords and not re-use across sites :)
Apologies for having to turn on the Cloudflare interstitial a few times today, someone is trying distributed brute-force login attempts.
There has been an increase in the number of broadcast errors in last 12 hours. It is being investigated.