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I recommend using the main memo.cash site, the abc site is not as closely monitored. I have seen slow propagation a few times but it is not normal. We have been looking into it.
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I have noticed this sometimes too. How often does it happen to you?
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Thanks for reporting. How often do you see this? These are often due to bitcoin node connectivity issues which have been mostly resolved.
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Memo uses unsplit coins. Try sv.memo.cash to send BSV
It is planned, but probably not anytime soon. Cashaddr is just a different format. You can still use those addresses you just need to convert to legacy format.
No, only legacy address format is supported.
You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu): https://memo.cash/send
Glad to hear it!
Yes that is a possibility. There are some options here, like limiting the types of actions that can occur. Unfortunately faucets are often abused.
We are planning to add a faucet that instead of paying out immediately, pays for individual transactions as needed. This should prevent wasted funding.
Yes, that is currently supported using data URIs. Better support is coming.
It is because those transactions are invalid on BCH and will split your coins if you are using unsplit coins.
You have to enable "big memos" in settings.
I've updated it to show the tweet link if it doesn't load so it's not just a grey box.
Glad to hear it is working well for you!
The topic message box was changed recently. I'm not familiar with Gboard but will look into it.
No promises. Hopefully within the next month.
I think of them more like chat rooms. I'm even considering renaming them.
This is resolved now and should not be an issue anymore. Thank you for reporting!
Thanks for reporting. This usually happens because the transactions are stuck in the mempool, and unconfirmed transactions are displayed first in /all. I will look into fixing it.
Polls are fixed, sorry about that.
Sorry, polls are now fixed.
This is fixed now.
It is planned to support profile images that are stored on-chain.
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Polls are now fixed! Apologies :)